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The 17 Best Coding Interview Courses and Books

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Tech interviews can be intimidating. They often have several phases, from the first technical phone screen, to a remote coding interview or assignment, to the final on-site interview and whiteboard challenge.

To be ready for this process, it’s not always enough to just have the raw tech skills. You also need to be able to perform under pressure, talk through your code to give the interviewer a window into your thoughts, and be clear and precise with your tech vocabulary and communication.

As with most things in life, the way to build up your confidence and experience is through practice. If you know what you’ll be facing in technical interviews and have done a ton of trial runs, you’ll breeze through the real thing.

Fortunately, there are lots of resources out there to help you do this! I’ve rounded up some of the best coding interview books and courses to help you practice programming interview questions and wow the hiring managers at your code interview.

Disclosure: I’m a proud affiliate for some of the resources mentioned in this article. If you buy a product through my links on this page, I may get a small commission for referring you. Thanks!

Best Coding Interview Courses

With a coding interview preparation course, you can practice coding interview questions in a hands-on way, and their video content is useful if you’re a visual-audio learner. These are some of the best coding interview courses you can find.

1. Interview Cake

Interview Cake

Hands down one of the best coding interview preparation courses out there! Interview Cake comes with 50+ hours of practice questions and readings that don’t just give you the answer, but teach you the right way of thinking about the question. Build the skills to derive the right answers yourself and explain your reasoning.

  • Link: Get it from Interview Cake
  • What you’ll learn:
    • Common coding interview questions
    • All the core data structures (linked lists, queues, stacks, etc.)
    • All the core problem types (system design, recursion, etc.)
    • How to answer technical interview questions you don't know
  • Price details: $149 for 3 weeks access or $249 for 3 months (plus 20% off for LTCWM readers and a full refund if you're unsatisfied)

“Every interview I've gone through since I started studying your problem set has included a variation of the questions on Interview Cake! There was one problem that wasn't on here, but I was able to solve it because of the themes you taught. Today I am accepting an offer at a startup in SF!” – Ulises

2. AlgoExpert


A comprehensive overview of 85 of the best programmer interview questions in six different languages: JavaScript, Python, C++, Java, C#, and Go. You type out your answers in a code-execution environment and get 55 hours of video explanations to help you understand the core principles behind each question.

  • Link: Get it from AlgoExpert
  • What you’ll learn: 
    • Binary search trees, linked lists, strings, etc.
    • How much memory an algorithm uses and how fast it runs
    • Tips for standing out in your interview
  • Price details: $85 for 1 year of access = $85 (plus 15% off for LTCWM readers with the coupon code ltcwm)

“After failing technical interviews over and over again during my internship hunt, I decided to start using AlgoExpert alongside LeetCode. The user friendly UI and excellent explanation from Clement makes the learning experience very enjoyable, and I was able to make incredible progress. This year I crushed the Amazon interviews and received a new grad offer from them to work as a Software Development Engineer. Thank you AlgoExpert!” – James

3. Land Your First Tech Job on Break Into Tech

Land Your First Tech Job

This course goes beyond the tech interview to include the rest of the job application process. In 20 hours of videos and exercises, you’ll learn about optimizing your resume and LinkedIn profile, how to get referred to a company, how to answer the dreaded “tell me about yourself” questions, and templates to help you answer any tech interview question.

  • Link: Get it from Break Into Tech
  • What you’ll learn: Keywords to include on your resume, communication tips, strategies to navigate tech interviews, how to think like an interviewer, etc.
  • Price: $99 for the course or $199 for a resume review too (plus a refund if you're not happy)

“My completion percentage of Jeremy’s course had an almost direct correlation with me getting a job. After following the advice in the course, I received a verbal offer and a final interview with an EVP before even watching all the video content. (Although I’d read all the text summaries…) Strongly recommend for structuring your tech job search process.” – Adil

4. Mastering the Software Engineering Interview on Coursera

Mastering the Software Engineering Interview

This course of the University of California San Diego was put together with the support of Google’s recruiting and engineering teams, so you know you’re getting relevant advice. It takes about 13 hours to complete the videos, reading, and exercises.

  • Link: Get it from Coursera
  • What you’ll learn:
    • Algorithmic thinking on the fly
    • Practice and tips for getting through the technical phone interview
    • How to speak about your experience
  • Price details: 7-day free trial, then either $49/month or $399/year (with a 14-day money-back guarantee)

“I found this course is very useful. It covers all of the important points of facing technology job interview, even including how to deal with psychological emotions and build strong growth mindset.” – MH

5. Master the Coding Interview: Algorithms + Data Structures on Udemy and Skillshare

Master the Coding Interview

Algorithms and data structures usually constitute the bulk of coding interview questions. Learn the fundamental building blocks of these computer science topics with 19 hours of video, 47 articles, and other downloadable resources.

  • Link: Get it on Udemy or on Skillshare
  • What you’ll learn:
    • Big O notation
    • Data structures: arrays, hash tables, queues, etc.
    • Algorithms: recursion, sorting, searching, etc.
    • How to get more interviews and handle offers
  • Price: $179 on Udemy (but there are often sales), or do a 2-month free trial of Skillshare Premium (reg. $15/mo or $99/year)

“Andrei's course is really great! For a non-CS students, this is a great introduction with easy-to-understand graphics, animation and explanation. For CS-students it's a good review guide to comb through knowledge you might have forgotten […] Highly recommend it to anyone who are seeking developer jobs and need to go through code/technical interview.” – Annie

6. How to Pass a Coding Interview on Udemy and Skillshare

How to Pass a Coding Interview

This short and sweet one-hour video course goes over stress-free coding interview prep, from the soft skills of interacting with your interviewer to the more technical elements like writing code and dealing with algorithms.

  • Link: Get it on Udemy or on Skillshare
  • What you'll learn:
    • How to talk to the interviewer
    • The requirements of an interview
    • How to prepare for the coding interview
  • Price: $49.99 on Udemy (but there are often sales) or do a 2-month free trial of Skillshare Premium (reg. $15/mo or $99/year)

7. Master the JavaScript Interview on Udemy and Skillshare

Master the JavaScript Interview

This is another relatively short course that specifically focuses on JavaScript interviews, diving into advanced problem-solving techniques and algorithms. You’ll see how some questions can have multiple solutions, which will all be thoroughly explained. The course contains 3.5 hours of on-demand videos and two articles.

  • Link: Get it on Udemy or on Skillshare
  • What you'll learn:
    • Strings and arrays, algorithms and data structures, JavaScript
    • Algorithm strategies and critical analysis
    • Common interview problems
  • Price: $44.99 on Udemy (but there are often sales)or do a 2-month free trial of Skillshare Premium (reg. $15/mo or $99/year)

“Concepts are properly explained by the instructor. This is really a good course for Javascript interviews.” – Sheshadri

8. Get Ready for Your Coding Interview on LinkedIn Learning

Get Ready for Your Coding Interview

A two-hour video course covering useful concepts about what you’ll face in a coding interview, then practice questions to test you.

  • Link: Get it from LinkedInLearning
  • What you’ll learn:
    • What coding interviews are like
    • Two-dimensional arrays, time complexity, Big-O notation, hash tables
    • Coming up with an optimal solution and testing code
  • Price: $34.99, or free with one-month trial

9. The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures on Udemy

The Coding Interview Bootcamp

This 13-hour coding interview course goes over dozens of the most common interview questions you may face—and the tricks to solve them. It features real questions asked at companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, and lays out clear explanations for each solution. You’ll need a basic understanding of JavaScript as a prerequisite.

  • Link: Get it from Udemy
  • What you’ll learn:
    • Interview questions asked at top companies
    • Common data structures used in web development
    • How to use JavaScript to solve challenging algorithms
    • String reversal, anagrams, etc.
  • Price: Full price $89.99 (less during Udemy sales)

“Stephen does an excellent job of thoroughly explaining each method data structure. He shows with plenty of detailed examples, making it very easy to understand. He doesn't go straight to the solution, he explains things in a way that make it easy to understand with charts and very descriptive diagrams. It makes for very easy learning, Bravo Stephen you sir are very good at what you do!!! I give my highest recommendation for this course. You won't be disappointed.” – Essence

10. 11 Essential Coding Interview Questions + Coding Exercises! on Udemy

11 Essential Coding Interview Questions + Coding Exercises

In this two-hour video course with plenty of interactive exercises, you’ll learn three handy problem-solving techniques to figure them out. You should be familiar with basic data structures, Big O notation, and ideally Python and/or Java, which you’ll be using to solve problems.

  • Link: Get it from Udemy
  • What you’ll learn:
    • 3 problem-solving techniques
    • 11 of the most essential coding interview questions
    • Arrays, strings, linked lists, etc.
  • Price: Full price $69.99 (less during Udemy sales)

“His way of explaining the problem is excellent! It really speaks to me and how I think. It must have been so time consuming for him to go through such detail per problem. But it's so helpful and appreciated!! Thank you for sharing your gift of technical understanding. So few can do this so well.” – J

11. Java Interview Guide: 200+ Interview Questions and Answers on Udemy

Java Interview Guide

This Java-specific programming interview prep course will give you a useful refresher on key concepts before your whiteboarding interview. It contains 6 hours of on-demand video with hands-on examples, so give yourself a couple of days to work through it all before the big day!

  • Link: Get it from Udemy
  • What you’ll learn:
    • Basic and advanced object-oriented concepts
    • Exception handling best practices
    • Basics of functional programming
  • Price: $199.99 (less during Udemy sales)

“This course is excellent. Gives easy memorable answers to java interview questions. They're simple to remember and easy to retain and explain to the interviewer. 10 out of 5 stars!!” – Jacqueline

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Best Coding Interview Books

If you like a more traditional form of study, pore through one or more of these coding interview books

12. Cracking the Coding Interview: 189 Programming Questions and Solutions 

Cracking the Coding Interview

Learn strategies for reading between the lines in a tech interview question, how to answer technical interview questions you don't know and get un-stuck, and core computer science concepts to refresh your memory. Practice with 189 Java-based questions and solutions.

The author worked as a software engineer at Google, Microsoft, and Apple, and conducted interviews with hundreds of other software engineers.

  • Link: Get it from Amazon
  • What you’ll learn:
    • Strategies to deal with algorithm questions
    • An inside look at how big tech companies hire developers
    • How to handle behavioral questions
  • Price: $31

“This book covers pretty much anything that can be thrown at you in a coding interview, and if you study it enough then you'll be in great shape for interviews even for Google.” – Matt

13. Elements of Programming Interviews in Python: The Insiders' Guide

Elements of Programming Interviews

If you’re seeking a Python role, this book will prepare you with over 250 Python coding interview problems and their detailed solutions. Versions are also available in C++ and Java.

  • Link: Get it from Amazon
  • What you’ll learn:
    • Data structures, algorithms, and problem-solving patterns
    • Common coding interview mistakes
    • Tips on negotiating the best job offer
  • Price: $39.95

“This is probably the best book for programming interview preparation. For each topic, an eclectically chosen set of problems have been considered which gives a nice view of what might appear in real interviews. In addition, my grasp of Python is becoming stronger after going through the solutions in the book. You will not only learn algorithms but also learn elegant coding principles. This is a must buy!” – Subhrajit

14. Daily Coding Problem: Get exceptionally good at coding interviews by solving one problem every day

Daily Coding Problem

What better way to prepare for your code interview than to practice coding interview questions every single day? This book contains a wide variety of real-world-inspired coding questions and solutions. It’ll get you in the habit, so the day of your real whiteboard interview feels just like any other.

  • Link: Get it from Amazon
  • What you’ll learn: linked lists, arrays, heaps, trees, graphs, randomized algorithms, backtracking, dynamic programming, stacks and queues, bit manipulation, system design
  • Price: $28.45

“This book was really helpful in sharpening my problem solving skills and getting me job offers. It provides helpful best practices and the questions are representative of actual interview questions. The solutions are really great. It’s helped me create element design and algorithm solutions in my implementation. For sure recommending it to any of my friends preparing for interviews in the future!” – Andy

15. The Complete Software Developer's Career Guide

The Complete Software Developer's Career Guide

This book has a much broader scope beyond technical interviews. The author explains the things he’s learned about soft skills like communication, dedication to learning, negotiation tactics, and teamwork. He also covers questions like how to decide between different forms of coding education, the technical skills every developer needs, and what to wear to your interview.

  • Link: Get it from Amazon
  • What you’ll learn:
    • What skills will benefit you in your tech job hunt
    • What kind of work to look for
    • How to make yourself more marketable while learning to code
  • Price: $9.99 – $29.99 (available in Kindle, paperback, audiobook)

“John has masterfully condensed years of his personal experience in software development into the most complete guide for new and experienced software developers that I have seen. […] If John has accomplished anything with his book, it is that he raised the bar that the software industry has set and he’s shouting to us, ‘You can do better!’” – Geoffrey

16. Programming Interviews Exposed: Coding Your Way Through the Interview 

Programming Interviews Exposed

Written by three authors with tech experience, this book gives an inside look at unique programmer interviews, how online coding contests factor in, why contributing to GitHub can help you, and ultimately how to make yourself into a candidate that companies will want to hire.

  • Link: Get it from Amazon
  • What you’ll learn:
    • How to talk to interviewers
    • Common interview problems and explanations
    • How to come up with solutions to new problems
  • Price: $26.16

“I found the book easy to understand and the examples were great to get a feel for what kinds of questions would be asked. It was great to know the areas where I needed to brush up, so I could be prepared. There are some things in the book I didn't know I needed to know, and it was helpful in pointing me in the right direction to know what to expect in a common test situation. There are a lot of books with this sort of information, but the way it's presented here is clear and the book isn't overwhelming in its scope. […] Overall I am happy with this book and it's been a lot more helpful to me than I realized it would be before I started reading it.” – Eric

17. Surviving the Whiteboard Interview: A Developer’s Guide to Using Soft Skills to Get Hired

Surviving the Whiteboard Interview

You can do well at your code interview but still not get the job for one simple reason: the interviewers simply got along with someone better. Soft skills matter! This book goes over how to showcase positive elements of your personality like work ethic, positive attitude, and willingness to learn. William Gant also gives tips for making it through the psychological roadblocks you might encounter during the process and taming your fears.

  • Link: Get it from Amazon
  • What you’ll learn:
    • Skills required to succeed at a whiteboard interview, covering coding tests as well as psychological preparation
    • Master solving common whiteboard problems
  • Price: $25.19

“I found this book very insightful and useful from my perspective as a hiring manager. From the developer's perspective, the author really goes into the meat of what to expect, how to prepare, and how to see an interview as a doorway to advancing career goals and not just and end goal in and of itself. Lots of great advice for newbies and those early in their career path. However, even veterans of the trade can learn a lot with this book as a guide. […] I recommend this book as it is insightful and clear, easy to read, and will benefit developers greatly.” – Darrell

Which is the best interview prep resource?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this one! It depends on your learning style, which languages you’re training for, etc.

That said, my personal favorite resources to practice programming interview questions are Interview Cake and AlgoExpert.

You’ll get 20% off Interview Cake by using this link, and they have a refund guarantee if you don’t find it helpful—so it’s a no-risk way to get valuable programming interview prep. You can also get a 15% discount on AlgoExpert using the coupon code ltcwm.

Whatever resources you choose, I’m rooting for you! Best of luck crushing the technical interview and getting a job you love.

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