Here’s How to Take Your LinkedIn Profile to the Next Level!

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5-day LinkedIn Crash Course


If you’ve been spending hours scanning job boards and filling out applications, with little to see for your efforts…stop where you are.

Don’t be too discouraged. It’s not just you. The truth is, the vast majority of people don’t get jobs through the traditional application process anymore.

In fact, only 25% of open positions are filled the old-fashioned way these days. (Old-fashioned way = applying online or emailing a resume + cover letter to a hiring manager.)

Instead, candidates are being referred by an acquaintance/friend or being poached by a recruiter/hiring manager.

This means that your odds of landing that “dream” job or client are much higher if you choose to pursue one of those two routes.

But… Let’s be real for a minute:

If you had a bestie from college who was working at Facebook, you’d be there, too. (Or would have already tried!)

So, what’s the next best thing than being referred to an opening from a pal or colleague?

Getting recruited.

In this scenario, someone is finding you. You’re not emailing cover letters and resumes or spending hours filling out online job applications that never see the light of day.

You’re probably thinking:

“Great, so how do I get discovered by these people, looking to fill vacant tech positions?” 

The answer is online.

Ever since social media took hold in 2009, things have been shifting.

In the past, the “old fashioned” or “traditional” way of applying to jobs was fine…even expected. Writing a cover letter and filling out an application was enough to get you the interview.

Today, that is no longer true. You can’t just send out a resume and cross your fingers.

In 2016, you need to be on LinkedIn. Not only because people sourcing tech talent use LinkedIn to do so, but also because you need an online professional presence. Period.

My friend (and LinkedIn expert) Michael Milutis explains:

Imagine this: what if you showed up for a job interview in the 1980s or 1990s and refused to produce a resume? That’s how decision makers and employers will feel about you if you are not on LinkedIn in 2016.

Not having a LinkedIn profile can ruin your chances of getting that job before you even get the chance to interview.

Still need convincing? Here are some quick statistics:

  • There are 400 million users on LinkedIn and counting
  • 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn (some studies go as high as 97%)
  • 44% of LinkedIn users say they establish better face-to-face relationships through their use of the platform

The point is:

If you’re looking for a new career in tech, or a new career in any field for that matter, you need to be on LinkedIn.

I want to be on LinkedIn

But simply “being” on LinkedIn isn’t enough…

Having a #basic profile just won’t cut it.

You want the best job, right? At an amazing company, with amazing perks? Of course you do!

Well, recruiters and hiring managers want the best candidates, too. Or as I call them, the A-players.

Here’s the thing:

Recruiters and hiring managers know that A-players already have awesome jobs. These A-players are not trolling the job boards.

What these recruiters and hiring managers have to do is essentially break up a happy marriage.

Sounds like it would be easier for them just to find eager jobseekers who are actually applying to work for them, right?

Perhaps in the short-term. But not the long-term.

Recruiters and hiring managers would rather go after the A-players because it will take less time to and resources to train them, and they’ll deliver better results.

So if you want the best jobs, you need to make them come to you. You need a LinkedIn profile that makes you look like an A-player.

Here’s how *you* can achieve a LinkedIn profile that shouts “A-player”

Getting an A-player LinkedIn profile is quite simple, really. If you spend 45 minutes (or less) a day, for five days, it’s achievable.

To show you how it’s done, I put together a 5-day LinkedIn Crash Course—specifically for aspiring techies.

This crash course will show you:

  1. The basics of setting up your LinkedIn profile
  2. How to write a standout headline, memorable summary, and action-oriented experience section
  3. What recruiters and hiring managers look for on your LinkedIn profile
  4. And many other LinkedIn pro-tips

Get the crash course now!

Just so there’s no surprises, this “crash course” is not comprised of any videos (yet). But it does come with lots of real-life examples, data-backed tips, expert insights, and actionable steps to follow.

If you’ve liked any of my previous blog posts at or elsewhere, then you’ll LOVE this.

Short on time? No problem! This crash course has been designed so that you can fly through it in 5 days or less.

(In fact, I did the calculations, and it’d take less than 3 hours to make it through all the content…if you didn’t take any breaks or stop to implement.)

Here’s how you can get your copy of the 5-day LinkedIn crash course

The bad news?

I can’t hand it over for free. I spent time researching, creating the material, and talking to experts. I also invested in an editor and a designer to help format it. Meaning I need to charge you a bit to make up for the costs.

So, what am I charging? $19? $49?

Nope. $7.

Here’s why:

  1. This low price is able to put this crash course in the hands of everyone, even if you’re lacking funds right now, or out of work.
  2. Anyone who is serious about creating a powerful LinkedIn profile knows that this information is well worth it.
  3. I want you to take action. I know people value things more when they make a financial investment. (Even an investment that is equivalent to two Grande Cappuccinos from Starbucks.)

Basically, it’s affordable because I want to see you get paid for your tech skills. The skills you’ve worked several months (or more!) to master.

Click the “I want better opportunities!” button below and you can be improving your LinkedIn profile in a matter of minutes.

I want better opportunities!

Unsure? This *may* be for you if…

  • You have less than 200 connections on LinkedIn
  • Your profile is less than 100% complete
  • You want a new career in tech
  • You want a higher paying tech career

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