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21 Places Where Women Can Learn How to Code

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Everyone always talks about the lack of women in tech—and I can't argue with the statistics. But it doesn’t have to stay that way! These days, there are more coding-for-women resources than ever to help women break into the technology industry.

Let's explore some of the awesome places where women and girls can learn to code (oftentimes at little or no cost!).

The following list includes 21 organizations in the US (as well as overseas) that teach coding for women and girls.

It's broken down into three sections: intensive coding bootcamps for women, coding classes and workshops for women, and coding for women and girls under 18.

Table of Contents

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Intensive Coding Bootcamps for Women

Ada Developers Academy
1) Ada Developers Academy

Website: adadevelopersacademy.org

Course: Software development

Price: Free

Duration: Six months of intensive in-class instruction, followed by five months of internship (11 months total)

Location: Seattle, WA

Ada is a long-term females-only developer academy lasting 11 months. The first six months take place in a full-time classroom setting, while the latter five months involve on-the-ground training.

It is a sponsor-supported coding-for-women initiative, with many big-name contributors, including Amazon, Zillow, EMC, and others. At Ada, you learn Ruby, Rails, HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Git, and Source Control.

While it is a free program, realize that you will still need to cover living expenses and any relocation fees if coming to the Seattle area from elsewhere.

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2) Hackbright Academy

Website: hackbrightacademy.com



  • Software Engineering Program

Part Time:

  • Software Engineering Program
  • Free Beginner Coding Course

Price: $16,895 for part-time and full-time

Duration: 24 weeks (part-time), 12 weeks (full-time)

Location: San Francisco, South Bay, and East Bay, CA

Hackbright Academy is a females-only developer bootcamp based in San Francisco. They teach Python and have both part-time and full-time offerings. Part-time offerings include front-end web development and back-end development. Hackbright also has a full-time Software Engineering Program that combines both front-end and back-end learning.

However, Hackbright's courses will cost you a pretty penny. By far Hackbright is the most expensive option on this list.

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3) Skillcrush

Website: skillcrush.com


  • Break Into Tech Blueprint
  • Visual Designer Blueprint
  • Front End Developer Blueprint
  • Web Developer Blueprint
  • WordPress Developer Blueprint
  • Freelance Business Building Blueprint

Price: Career blueprints cost either three monthly payments of $149 or a one-time payment of $399. (So, if you choose the latter, you save $48.) The Break Into Tech Blueprint costs $1,499 or 12 payments of $149.

Duration: Three months for blueprints, nine months for all-inclusive program

Location: Online

Skillcrush offers entirely online learning.

They offer two types of courses. The first is a three-month-long “career blueprint,” targeted at preparing you for the career you desire. Blueprints offered include web designer, web developer, and freelance WordPress developer. You could also choose their all-inclusive nine-month program (or a free 10-day bootcamp).

Skillcrush isn't limited to just coding for women. They are about empowering all kinds of people from varying backgrounds—spanning nationality as well as gender. While women make up the majority of their student population, about 25% of the online class takers are men.

Check out other similar intensive online courses here.

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Coding Classes and Workshops for Women

23 Code Street
4) 23 Code Street

Website: www.23codestreet.com


  • Web Development Foundations covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git and GitHub, and more

Price: Around £10 for workshops and £550 – £1500 for part-time courses

Duration: 12 weeks (part-time)

Location: London (and one online webinar course)

A UK-based coding school for women only, in order to encourage confidence, accessibility, and support in a community of female coders. For every paying student, the organization also teaches an underprivileged woman in India to code. After the course, they offer career counseling and internship opportunities with their partners.

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5) Codebar.io

Website: codebar.io


  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby or Python

Price: Free

Location: London, Brighton, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Barcelona, Berlin, New York, and many more.

Upcoming events: Join their in-person workshops here.

Codebar offers free weekly coding workshops for those under-represented in the tech industry—catering primarily towards women coders and those in LGBTQ communities.

Their London and Brighton events typically gather 20-30 women per week to engage in free one-on-one or one-on-two mentoring in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

They also have free learning material online, covering HTML, Version Control, JavaScript and Ruby.

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Code First: Girls
6) Code First: Girls

Website: codefirstgirls.org.uk


Beginners' courses:

  • How to build a website: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Git, GitHub
  • How to build a web app:  Python, Ruby, Sinatra, Heroku, and other frameworks (back-end programming)

Masterclass workshops:

  • User Experience
  • Ethical Hacking
  • iOS App Development
  • Git

Price: Free

Duration: Courses last eight weeks and take place for two hours each night, while masterclass workshops typically last two hours.

Location: UK

Upcoming events: You can find out more information on their event page here.

Code First: Girls is strictly in the UK. (But it sounds like a really cool group; I wish I had this option when I was in college!)

Please note: In order to apply for a university course, you must be between the ages of 18 and 23 or a university student.

Mainly, Code First: Girls holds free workshops for girls at college campuses. These classes take place for two hours a week and last for 4-6 weeks.

The organization has other things going on as well. This past summer they also offered a hack school (a longer-term summer program) for girls. Additionally, Code First: Girls hosts career talks for women interested in getting into the tech industry and runs paid courses for female professionals.

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7) CodeChix

Website: codechix.org


  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Languages
  • Hardware/Firmware
  • Operating systems

Price: Free (or affordable)

Location: Three locations around the US (and growing):

Upcoming events: Join their in-person workshops in one of their three locations to learn and code with other women.

Founded in 2009, CodeChix hosts events that are sometimes female-specific, sometimes open to all. (Check the event listing in advance to make sure!)

According to the website, a few of their workshop topics include:

“Wikipedia’s Operations Infrastructure, Algorithms and Directed Acyclic Graphs, Mobile/Graphic Design for Engineers Workshop, Toy Robotics: My little Pleo, OpenShift Workshop, and Android Installfest & App Building 101.”

Aside from those above, they have a long list of other workshop topics. Unlike other organizations on the list, CodeChix is primarily geared towards female engineers.

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Girl Develop It
8) Girl Develop It (GDI)

Website: girldevelopit.com

Courses: The GDI core curriculum is as follows:

  • Intro to Web Concepts
  • Intro to HTML/CSS
  • Intermediate HTML/CSS
  • Intro to Angular.js
  • Web Accessibility
  • Intro to Git/GitHub
  • Intro to PHP/MySQL

All chapters teach the core courses at minimum, but at many GDI chapters, you can also find additional courses on widely varying topics like Sass, content strategy, and even SEO.

Price: Varies, depending on the workshop; typically ranges from free to $90

Duration: Workshop lengths are different from chapter to chapter, but typically last between two and eight hours. Workshops can either be a one-time thing, or involve multiple sessions.

Location: 63+ chapters across the US and now in Canada

Upcoming meetups: You can check out their upcoming events by clicking your preferred city.

GDI offers affordable web-development classes for women learning to code. (However, men can attend if desired.) Some of their events are even free! GDI has chapters across the US, and they just keep on growing! Seriously, every time I head back to their site I see that new chapters have been added.

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Ladies Learning Code
9) Ladies Learning Code

Website: ladieslearningcode.com


  • Digital Drawing
  • HTML & CSS
  • Video Creation
  • WordPress
  • Game Design

Price: About $50 for a workshop

Duration: 3 to 16 hours

Location: Cities across Canada

Upcoming workshops: Find out what schedule and location best suits you by checking out the upcoming events on their homepage.

Ladies Learning Code is a part of Learning Labs, an organization that also includes Girls Learning Code, Kids Learning Code, and other groups promoting computer education.

Ladies Learning Code has in-person classes in 18 cities around Canada. Course topics vary, but mostly focus on front-end web skills like CSS and jQuery.

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Moms Can Code
10) Moms Can: CODE

Website: https://www.momscancode.com/


  • Coding
  • Freelancing
  • Classes for kids (and one-on-one lessons)

Price: Online classes range from free-$19
Duration: Varies; some are one-day workshops

Upcoming meetups: They have “meetup and playdate” events for moms and kids; you can find active meetups by clicking “Find a Meetup” on their home page.

Since many mothers are interested in working remotely, Moms Can: CODE combines coding classes (live and self-paced) with workshops on freelancing. Plus, they offer classes for kids, allowing you to learn with your little ones!

Membership in Moms Can: CODE includes other perks beyond classes, like networking, scholarships, and exclusive discounts.

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11) MotherCoders

Website: http://www.mothercoders.org/


  • An introductory technology training program, covering an overview of the tech landscape and basic front-end skills

Price: With on-site childcare: $4,000. Without on-site childcare: $4,500.

Duration: 8 weeks

Locations: San Francisco Bay Area

Upcoming events: Check out their upcoming events here.

MotherCoders offers an eight-week tech camp focusing on helping mothers enter tech careers. They provide Saturday and weekday classes with on-site childcare and lunch included. The program focuses most on building a professional network and community support. You’ll also learn basic technical skills and industry knowledge, building a website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. However, their technical content is more of a starting point rather than a deep dive into a specialty.

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12) PyLadies

Website: www.pyladies.com

Workshops: Vary based on location

Price: Free or affordable

Locations: Dozens of locations both inside and outside the US. View the full list here.

Upcoming events: Check out your chosen location’s meetup page


In the most general sense, PyLadies offers support and networking for women who code in the Python community. It welcomes all levels of programming knowledge, from beginners to seasoned experts.

With PyLadies, the groups have a lot of autonomy. Each chapter decides their own workshop topics—or whether to even have workshops. Some groups use a more formal approach with classes, while others prefer hosting social events. Contact your local chapter to learn more about what they offer.

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Rails Girls
13) Rails Girls

Website: railsgirls.com

Price: Free

Location: Worldwide

Upcoming workshops: Check out their upcoming events here.

As the name reflects, Rails Girls is a Ruby-on-Rails-specific coding workshop for girls. Their gatherings generally last one or two days. Boys can attend, but must accompany a girl. (Also, girls are given first priority when registering.)

The organization has events literally all over the world. In fact, a lot of the Rails Girls workshops don't even take place in the US.

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14) RailsBridge

Website: railsbridge.org


  • Rails
  • Frontend
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby

Price: Free

Location: US and some countries outside

Upcoming events: Check out their upcoming events in all chapters here.

RailsBridge is very similar to Rails Girls: it's a free Ruby on Rails workshop, lasting one or more days in duration.

I attended a RailsBridge workshop in Cambridge, Massachusetts last year. The event was entirely free, including food, beverages, and even child care. (However, I am not sure if all RailsBridge workshops are like this.) RailsBridge is primarily for women programmers, but guys can attend with a gal, just like Rails Girls. At the event I went to, there were a few guys in the room. But nothing close to the number of girls.

Beyond workshops, RailsBridge has ongoing chapters in some cities. These appear to be primarily study groups.

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Women Who Can Code
15) Women Who Code

Website: https://www.womenwhocode.com/

Courses: No actual courses, but they have a great and LONG list of coding resources, including tutorials, articles, videos, and events.

Price: Events are free or low-cost

Duration: Varies by event

Location: Worldwide

Upcoming meetups: Check out their upcoming events here.

When you become a Women Who Code member, you get access to tutorials, articles, videos, and other educational materials. The nonprofit offers meetup groups and 1,700 events annually around the globe, from hack nights to study groups. Every year, they also give away $1,000,000 in conference tickets and scholarships. Finally, you’ll get to browse employment opportunities on their jobs board.

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Coding For Girls Under 18

Alexa Cafe
16) Alexa Café

Website: https://www.idtech.com/alexa-cafe


  • Game design
  • Visual programming
  • Development with Java
  • Build and code wearable tech
  • And more

Price: From $949/week for day camp; from $579/week (all meals included) for overnight camp

Duration: One week (usually Sunday evening-Friday afternoon)

Locations: 20 locations nationwide

Age Range: Ages 10-15

An all-girls summer camp teaching tech, entrepreneurship, and other skills, along with fun camp-style socialization. The program has locations around the U.S., with day camp and overnight camp options. Students can choose what projects they want to focus on, and can optionally add continuing education units and college advising.

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App Camp For Girls
17) App Camp For Girls

Website: appcamp4girls.com

Course: App Development

Price: $375 USD (and $375 CAD in Vancouver)


  • Vancouver, BC
  • Seattle, WA
  • Portland, OR
  • Martinsville, NJ

Age Range: Middle school (8th and 9th grade)


App Camp For Girls is a non-profit organization, headquartered in Oregon, that offers summer camps for middle-school girls.

It teaches girl programmers each phase of app development, from brainstorming to the actual app-building, all in one week.

The camp also calls itself a place where women can network and support each other as they volunteer to mentor the campers.

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Black Girls Code
18) Black Girls Code

Website: blackgirlscode.com


Workshop topics include:

  • Java
  • Mobile App Development
  • Build a Game in a Day

Price: $35 per student (some workshops are free!)

Location: Cities across US

Age Range: 7 to 17 years old

Upcoming events: You can register on their website here.

Since launching in 2011, Black Girls Code has hosted multiple hackathons and learning expos across the country. The events primarily take place in large US cities such as Brooklyn, Chicago, Las Vegas, Memphis and others. Their events always happen on one day and generally last the full day, from 10 a.m. to 4 or 5 p.m.

According to the founder, Black Girls Code provides:

“young and pre-teen girls of color opportunities to learn in-demand skills in technology and computer programming at a time when they are naturally thinking about what they want to be when they grow up.”

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Girls Learning Code
19) Girls Learning Code

Website: ladieslearningcode.com/program/girls-learning-code/


Variety of topics:

  • HTML & CSS and Ruby
  • Image editing and blog creation
  • Digital design
  • Animating with Scratch

Price: Vary depending on program

Location: Across Canada

Age Range: 3 to 12 years old

Upcoming events: View all their upcoming events here.

Like Ladies Learning Code, Girls Learning Code is part of the Learning Labs organization.

Girls Learning Code has workshops as well as after-school programs for girls who code. While the single workshops are more affordable (around $60 give or take), the after-school program runs at around $355. Of course, the after-school programs are longer term, lasting 12 weeks.

Lots of these workshops are hosted in conjunction with Kids Learning Code, another Learning Labs program. For more info on Girls Learning Code and Kids Learning Code, check out this article about Kathryn Barrett, one of the course-content developers.

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Girls Who Code (GWC)
20) Girls Who Code (GWC)

Website: girlswhocode.com

Course: Computer Science Education in summer immersion programs and after-school clubs

Price: Free

Duration: Seven weeks for the summer immersion program and 40 hours per school year for the club

Location: Several cities across the US, such as Boston, New York, Austin, and Seattle

Age Range: Sophomores or juniors in high school (summer program) or 6th-12th grade girls (clubs)

Girls Who Code is a US-based organization that has been featured across news outlets as a voice promoting girls in technology. GWC has three kinds of programs: their summer immersion program, an after-school program, and 2-week day programs held at high schools and universities.

Their summer program is full-time and lasts for seven weeks. It is strictly for girls in their current sophomore or junior year of high school, and combines instruction with mentorship.

To learn more about the Girls Who Code experience, check out Bernice's story. She attended the 2014 GWC summer immersion program in Boston and has since started a GWC after-school club.

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21) TechGirlz

Website: techgirlz.org

Courses: Workshops and Summer Camps

  • HTML & CSS
  • Linux
  • SQL databases
  • Python
  • Game Design
  • and more.

Price: Free for the workshops, $250 for the camp (partial scholarships are available too)

Location: Predominantly eastern Pennsylvania

Age Range: Middle school

Upcoming workshops: Applications for the 2018 summer camp are now closed, but check out their upcoming events here.

TechGirlz is a non-profit organization primarily based in the Philadelphia area. However, they have “TechShopz” that take place around the US.

TechGirlz events are always completely free of charge and cater to middle school girls specifically, although younger girls do sometimes attend. TechShopz usually occur on a Saturday afternoon for a few hours. Instruction topics differ, but include everything from Scratch and Raspberry Pi to building video games.

With so many options out there teaching coding for women, it should be a breeze to find resources in your area to help you learn coding as an aspiring woman programmer. Even if you live in the middle of nowhere, miles from a city, that’s what online coding workshops are for! So what are you waiting for!? Check out one of these groups TODAY!

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