33 Coding Programs for Women & Girls (Plus 9 Scholarships)

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Getting into tech totally changed the course of my life and career, so I can personally attest that getting more women coding, and making coding programs for women more accessible, is so, so important. 💖

Even though it’s still a male-dominated industry, the landscape of tech is slowly changing. There are so many women’s coding bootcamps, scholarships for women in technology, and all kinds of coding classes for women out there now.

For those itching to start at a young age, coding for girls is also big, with plenty of classes and communities for teens, tweens, and younger.

In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the awesome places where women and girls can learn to code (oftentimes at little or no cost!). We’ll look at some of the best coding bootcamps for women, coding classes for girls, women coding scholarships, communities for women and girls in tech, and more!

Women coding

Disclosure: I’m a proud affiliate for some of the resources mentioned in this article. If you buy a product through my links on this page, I may get a small commission for referring you. Thanks!

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Why It’s Important to Get More Women Coding

Before we get into the list, I want to talk about why it’s so important to have dedicated spaces and opportunities for women to learn to code.

Research shows that learning to code as a woman is often a great choice. 91% of women in tech say they’re satisfied with their jobs – despite the challenges that often come with working in a male-dominated field.

The amount of female coding professionals is trending slowly higher, with women making up nearly 25% of today’s tech teams. (As you can see, there’s plenty of room for that figure to grow!)

Getting women coding is also meaningful on a macro level. Quite simply, diversity is good for business. Having broad tech team diversity (particularly in terms of gender, race, and age) is likely to accelerate innovation. Women make up half of the consumer market—female coding professionals can help develop women-related tech products that otherwise wouldn’t be created. 

Diverse team of programmers

Furthermore, women often think differently and come up with new ways to solve problems. Elizabeth Tweedale, CEO and founder of Cypher Coders, outlines the different approaches she’s noticed: “Men often follow a linear approach of going from A to Z when solving problems, while women often start from the problem and work backwards.” 

Having a diversity of perspectives is especially important in the age of AI and machine learning, with software increasingly making decisions for us. Computers learn from humans, and if those humans are all men, the decisions will be biased.

There are lots of changes we need to make to get more women into tech. The first step, though, is making coding programs for women more accessible. And that’s where this list comes in. ⬇️

Are you fired up to learn about (and possibly join) some incredible coding programs for women and add to the tech diversity of the future? Let’s get into it!

The following list includes 33 organizations in the US and overseas that teach coding for women and girls.

It’s broken down into four sections: intensive coding bootcamps for women, coding classes and workshops for women, coding for women and girls under 18, and coding scholarships for women.

Please note that pricing listed below may change in the future!

Intensive Coding Bootcamps for Women

Looking for a women’s coding bootcamp to get you career-ready in a matter of months? In this section you’ll find women-only bootcamps, as well as programs that welcome many types of students. 

When considering an intensive coding bootcamp, women should have a clear idea of what they want out of it and how much they can clear their schedule—because you’ll be facing months of hard work!

Under each women tech bootcamp, we’ll cover pricing options, how long it takes to complete, and other important info.

1) Ada Developers Academy

ada developers academy - women learning to code

➡️ Website: adadevelopersacademy.org

💻 Free coding bootcamp for women: Software development

💰 Price: Free

Duration: Six core hours a day, five days a week for six months followed by five months of internship (around 11 months total)

📍 Location: Seattle, WA; Atlanta, GA; and a remote option

Ada is a long-term developer academy for women and gender-diverse adults lasting 11 months. The first six months take place in a full-time Monday through Friday classroom (or remote) setting, while the latter five months involve on-the-ground training.

It is a sponsor-supported coding bootcamp for women, with many big-name contributors, including Amazon, Zillow, EMC, and others. At Ada, you learn Ruby, Rails, HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Web APIs, CS fundamentals, Git, and Source Control.

While it is a free program, realize that you will still need to cover living expenses and any relocation fees if coming to the Seattle or Atlanta area from elsewhere. There’s also a digital/remote option if you don’t want to travel or move. (But doing so could set you up for a future career in one of the best tech cities in the US)!

2) Hackbright Academy

hackbright academy - coding for women

➡️ Website: hackbrightacademy.com

💻 Coding courses for women:

💰 Price: 

  • $14,900 for the in-person Software Engineering Program 
  • $12,900 for the online Software Engineering Program 
  • $249 for the Prep Course

Duration: 24 weeks (part-time) or 12 weeks (full-time) for Software Engineering Program; 5 weeks for Prep Course

📍 Location: San Francisco, CA or remote

Hackbright Academy is a female-coders-only developer bootcamp based in San Francisco. They teach Python and have part-time, full-time, in-person, and remote learning offerings. Hackbright also has a part-time evening and weekend prep course that can give you a taste of what life is like for women coders before committing to the Software Engineering Program.

However, the Hackbright women’s coding bootcamp will cost you a pretty penny. Hackbright is one of the most expensive options for female coders on this list.

3) Skillcrush


➡️ Website: skillcrush.com

💻 Coding courses for women:

💰 Price: 

  • Most courses are three monthly payments of $199 or a one-time payment of $549. (So, if you choose to pay in full, you save $48.)
  • The Break Into Tech Course Package costs $1,599 or 12 monthly payments of $149. (If you choose the latter, you save $189.) $2,499 for the Break into tech with the Get Hired Track & Job Guarantee

Duration: 3-4 months for single courses; 6–12 months to complete the Break Into Tech course package (if you work 1-2 hours a day)

📍 Location: Online

Skillcrush offers entirely online learning for women coders and others.

They offer two types of courses. The first are three-month-long courses focused on specific skills. The other is an all-inclusive 6-12 month program. You can also sign up to take their free 10-day bootcamp.

Skillcrush isn’t limited to female coders. They are about empowering all kinds of people from varying backgrounds—spanning nationality as well as gender. While women make up the majority of their student population, other students include people of color, LGBTQ+ people, people with disabilities, people without college degrees, parents, etc. In fact, 21% of Skillcrush students identify as LGBTQ+.

4) The Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy

grace hopper program

➡️ Website: gracehopper.com

💻 Coding bootcamp for women: Full-stack JavaScript

💰 Price: $18,910 in total — however, you only pay a $2,000 deposit upfront. There are financing options available.

Duration: 17 weeks (all online)

📍 Location: Remote

The Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy is an immersive software engineering course for women+ students (including transgender, genderqueer, and non-binary people). Learn more about it in my interview with the director, Seema Gururaj.

You can apply for the program at any time, but the admissions process is more rigorous than other coding courses and bootcamps. As part of the admissions process, you’ll have to submit an online coding assessment and participate in a virtual interview with a developer to see if you’re a good fit. 

It’s also important to know that the immersive women’s coding bootcamp is not designed for complete beginners. Students should already know the building blocks of coding (loops, conditionals, arrays, objects, functions, etc.).

Check out other similar intensive online courses here.

5) Kal Academy

Kal Academy

➡️ Website: https://www.kalacademy.org/

💻 Bootcamps/courses: 

💰 Price: $2,500 for Web Development Full Stack Bootcamp, Software Development Deep Stack Bootcamp & AI Deep Stack Bootcamp; $3,500 for tech interview prep bootcamp

⏰ Duration: 32 hours of lectures and 25 hours of course work every week for each bootcamp

📍 Location: Online

🔗 Follow on Twitter // Instagram 

Kal Academy is a nonprofit coding academy that brings marketable technical skills to women and underrepresented minorities through unique, effective, fast and affordable technology training and job placement services.

They build their bootcamps in collaboration with top IT companies, so their curriculum is career-oriented and aligned to current industry needs. In fact, their job placement success rate is 85%.

Kal Academy has helped 200+ students land dream jobs at Microsoft, Google, Amazon, F5 networks, eBay, and other top IT companies.

Another great part about Kal Academy is that it can work for your busy schedule. Most of their Saturday and Sunday classes meet for just 1-2 hour(s).

6) allWomen


➡️ Website: https://www.allwomen.tech/

💻 Bootcamps/courses: 

💰 Price: Ranges from 2,950€ – 6,950€ (~$2942.77 – ~$6931.96) for full and part-time bootcamps, depending on the subject. 499€ (~$497.72) for on-demand individual classes. There are financing options available. 

⏰ Duration: 10 weeks for both full-time bootcamps; 12-24 weeks for part-time depending on the subject

📍 Location: Online

🗓️ Upcoming events: See their upcoming monthly remote events here

🔗 Follow on Twitter // Instagram 

Based in Barcelona (but offering online courses), allWomen is shaping the futures of women in technology. They offer Data Science Immersive, UX-UI design and Product Management Courses for women, by women.

Bootcamps include weekly live sessions, office hours and project mentoring. Go-at-your-own pace or cohort-pace learning alongside other women like you.

Anyone can join the community and get involved in the many free events and workshops they offer. It’s also a great place to meet and connect with allWomen alumni and other women in tech.

They also have a dedicated job board where women can go to look for tech jobs.

7) CodeOp


➡️ Website: https://codeop.tech/

💻 Bootcamps/courses: 

💰 Price: 

  • Full Stack & Data Science: €5300 (~$5289.14) remote; €7200 (~$7185.24) Barcelona; £6200 (~$7152.87) London
  • Product Management: €1500 (~$1496.92) remote
  • Python & Data Analytics: 99€ (~$98.77) – 499€ (~$497.86) depending on course

⏰ Duration: 

  • Full Stack & Data Science: Full time (11 weeks) | Part-time (26 weeks)
  • Product Management: 60 hours
  • Python & Data Analytics: Learn at your own pace

📍 Location: Remote, Barcelona, London, Malaysia (some bootcamps are Remote only)

🗓️ Upcoming events: See upcoming events here

🔗 Follow on Twitter // Instagram 

CodeOp is a tech school that offers coding courses for women as well as trans and non-binary people (women+). They are dedicated to changing the culture of tech and focus on providing our community with the support and training they need to become leaders in their field.

In 2020, 90% of CodeOp students were hired within 6 months of completing their bootcamps. Students explore real-world challenges and problems, while building a job-ready portfolio to show recruiters and current employers.

They also have a collection of resources, including eBooks, guides, and insightful tech talks for some extra help and support along your learning journey.

8) Code First Girls

Code First Girls

➡️ Website: https://codefirstgirls.com/

💻 Courses/programs/events: 

💰 Price: Free, even CFGdegree and +Masters

⏰ Duration: MOOC Sprints are run over 4 weeks, with one x 1-hour session per week going into the detail of a key topic area; individual classes run for several weeks; CFGdegree is 14-weeks; +Masters is four-week intensive course

📍 Location: UK & Ireland & Remote

🗓️ Upcoming events: Check out their upcoming events here.

🔗 Follow on Twitter // Instagram

Based in the UK, Code First Girls is transforming tech by providing skills, confidence, and inspiration for women.

They are the largest provider of free coding courses for women in the UK. However, they’re not just for people in the UK: they also offer sponsored (aka free!) spots to candidates outside of the UK and Ireland.

Their open international courses are available each month to women and non-binary candidates anywhere in the world who would like to learn how to code.

Tech Workshops & Coding Classes for Women

If you’re looking for coding classes for women that aren’t quite as intense as a full bootcamp, you might find the right coding school for women below! They offer shorter female coding courses, as well as workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities.

9) 23 Code Street

23 code street

➡️ Website: www.23codestreet.com

💻 Courses & Workshops:

💰 Price: £1,750 (~$2,045) for Web Development Foundations in person or £600 online (~$700); £10 per Masterclass or £50 for six (~$12 and $58 USD respectively)

⏰ Duration: 12 weeks for Web Development Foundations (part-time)

📍 Location: Online

🔗 Follow on Twitter // Instagram

A UK-based coding school for women only, in order to encourage confidence, accessibility, and support in a community of female coders. For every paying student, the organization also teaches an underprivileged woman in India to code. After the course, they offer career counseling and internship opportunities with their partners.

You don’t have to be from the UK to attend, but note there will be a time difference for the live classes.

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10) Codebar.io


➡️ Website: codebar.io

💻 Tutorials:

  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby or Python
  • Android/iOS
  • Command Line 
  • Version Control

💰 Price: Free

📍 Location: London, Brighton, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Barcelona, Berlin, New York, remote, and many more.

🗓️ Upcoming events: Join their in-person and virtual workshops here.

🔗 Follow on Twitter

Codebar offers free weekly coding workshops for those under-represented in the tech industry—catering primarily towards women coders and those in LGBTQ communities.

Their London and Brighton events typically gather 20-30 women per week to engage in free one-on-one or one-on-two mentoring in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

They also have free learning material online, covering HTML, Version Control, JavaScript and Ruby.  Plus, you can join the Codebar community on Slack to get help from other coders and coaches.

11) Girl Develop It (GDI)

girl develop it

➡️ Website: girldevelopit.com

💻 Courses: The GDI core curriculum is as follows:

All chapters teach the core courses at minimum, but at many GDI chapters, you can also find additional courses on widely varying topics like Sass, content strategy, and even SEO.

💰 Price: Varies, depending on the workshop; typically ranges from free to $90. Become a monthly member for $45/month and access all virtual classes in 2022.

⏰ Duration: Workshop lengths are different from chapter to chapter, but typically last between two and eight hours. Workshops can either be a one-time thing, or involve multiple sessions.

📍 Location: Chapters in five cities: San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Chicago, IL, Detroit, MI, New York, NY

🗓️ Upcoming meetups: See their upcoming events.

🔗 Follow on Twitter // Instagram

GDI offers affordable web-development classes for women learning to code. (However, men can attend if desired.) Some of their events are even free! GDI has chapters across the US, and they just keep on growing! Seriously, every time I head back to their site I see that new chapters have been added.

12) Ladies Learning Code by Canada Learning Code

Ladies Learning Code by Canada Learning Code

➡️ Website: canadalearningcode.ca

💻 Courses & Workshops:

  • Digital Drawing
  • HTML & CSS
  • Video Creation
  • WordPress
  • Game Design
  • And more!

💰 Price: Free

⏰ Duration: 3 to 16 hours

📍 Location: Cities across Canada

🗓️ Upcoming workshops: Find out what schedule and location best suits you by checking out the upcoming events on their homepage.

🔗 Follow on Twitter // Instagram

Ladies Learning Code is a part of Canada Learning Code, an organization that also includes Girls Learning Code, Teens Learning Code, Kids Learning Code, and other groups promoting computer education. As the name implies, Ladies Learning Code is specifically targeted toward women coders.

13) PyLadies


➡️ Website: www.pyladies.com

💻 Workshops: Vary based on location

💰 Price: Free or affordable

📍 Locations: Dozens of locations both inside and outside the US. View the full list here.

🗓️ Upcoming events: Check out your chosen location’s meetup page.

🔗 Follow on Twitter // Instagram

In the most general sense, PyLadies offers support and networking for women who code in the Python community. It welcomes all levels of programming knowledge, from beginners to seasoned experts.

With PyLadies, the individual groups have a lot of autonomy. Each chapter decides their own workshop topics—or whether to even have workshops. Some groups use a more formal approach with coding classes for women classes, while others prefer hosting social events. Contact your local chapter to learn more about what they offer for female coders in your area.

14) Rails Girls

rails girls

➡️ Website: railsgirls.com

💰 Price: Free

📍 Location: Worldwide

🗓️ Upcoming workshops: Check out their upcoming events here.

🔗 Follow on Twitter // Instagram

As the name reflects, Rails Girls is a Ruby-on-Rails-specific girls coding community. Their gatherings generally last one or two days. Boys can attend, but must accompany a girl. (Also, girls are given first priority when registering.)

The organization has events literally all over the world. In fact, a lot of the Rails Girls workshops don’t even take place in the US.

15) Railsbridge

rails bridge

➡️ Website: railsbridge.org

💻 Workshops:

  • Rails
  • Frontend
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • CSS

💰 Price: Free

📍 Location: US and some countries outside

🗓️ Upcoming events: Check out their upcoming events in all chapters here.

🔗 Follow on Twitter

RailsBridge is very similar to Rails Girls: it’s a free Ruby on Rails workshop, lasting one or more days in duration.

I attended a RailsBridge workshop in Cambridge, Massachusetts a few years ago. The event was entirely free, including food, beverages, and even childcare. (However, I am not sure if all RailsBridge workshops are like this.) RailsBridge is primarily for women programmers, but guys can attend with a gal, just like Rails Girls. At the event I went to, there were a few guys in the room (but nothing close to the number of girls).

Beyond workshops, RailsBridge has ongoing chapters in some cities. These appear to be primarily study groups.

16) Women Who Code

women who code

➡️ Website: https://www.womenwhocode.com/

💻 Courses: No actual courses, but they have a great and LONG list of coding resources, including tutorials, articles, videos, and events.

💰 Price: Events are free or low-cost

⏰ Duration: Varies by event

📍 Location: Worldwide (70+ cities)

🗓️ Upcoming meetups: Check out their upcoming events here.

🔗 Follow on Twitter // Instagram

When you become a member of Women Who Code, you get access to tutorials, articles, videos, and other educational materials for female coders. The nonprofit offers meetup groups and 1,800 events annually around the globe, from hack nights to study groups. Every year, they also give away $1,000,000 in conference tickets and scholarships. Finally, you’ll get to browse employment opportunities on their jobs board.

17) Django Girls

django girls

➡️ Website: djangogirls.org

💻 Workshops: Python and Django

💰 Price: Free

⏰ Duration: Each workshop lasts one day

📍 Location: Worldwide 

🗓️ Upcoming events: Check out their upcoming events here.

🔗 Follow on Twitter

Django Girls is a nonprofit that inspires women to fall in love with programming through Python and Django workshops, online tutorials, resources and community support.  

According to their website, “During each of our events, 30-60 women build their first web application using HTML, CSS, Python and Django.”

18) Coffee & Coded

coffee and coded

➡️ Website: coffeeandcoded.com

💻 Workshops: Code, design, and entrepreneurship

💰 Price: Free

⏰ Duration: Each workshops lasts one day

📍 Location: New York City

🗓️ Upcoming events: Check out their upcoming events here.

🔗 Follow on Twitter // Instagram

Coffee & Coded is a female coding community founded in 2018 that empowers aspiring women coders to explore technology through skills-based workshops, community events, and classes. 

Its mission is “To inspire women to create, code, and challenge assumptions.” 

19) Lesbians Who Tech + Allies

lesbians who tech

➡️ Website: lesbianswhotech.org

💻 Conferences: 

💰 Price: Free for virtual summits, $799 – $1,199 for San Francisco Summit

📍 Location: San Francisco and online

🔗 Follow on Twitter // Instagram

Lesbians Who Tech + Allies is a global community of 100,000+ LGBTQ women, trans and non-binary folks, queer women of color, and allies in tech.

Their coding scholarship makes it possible for LGBTQ women and non-binary techies to start a career in tech. They offer scholarships for some of the biggest coding bootcamps. You can get on the interest list now for 2023.

20) ChickTech

chick tech

➡️ Website: chicktech.org

💻 Programs: 

💰 Price: Most programs are free; Membership to the ACT-W community is free or $25/month for the premium membership.

📍 Location: 16 cities in the U.S. and Canada. See the full list here

🗓️ Upcoming meetups: Check out their upcoming events here.

🔗 Follow on Twitter // Instagram

ChickTech was founded in 2012 to encourage women of all ages to pursue STEM-based careers through tech programs and events. 

The ChickTech: High School program, for example, teaches high school girls subjects like robotics, soft circuits, how to build smartphone apps, and 3D printing. For adults, the Advancing the Careers of Technical Women conference helps women in tech find community, inspiration, jobs, and more.

Membership to the Advancing the Careers of Technical Women (ACT-W) community gets you access to webinars and workshops, digital networking through Slack, an online job board, curated deals and prizes, including discounts to ChickTech events, and more!

21) Girls In Tech

girls in tech

➡️ Website: girlsintech.org

💻 Programs: Webinars, courses, bootcamps, and other events

💰 Price: Membership is free

📍 Location: Worldwide. See the full list of locations here

🗓️ Upcoming meetups: Check out your local chapter to see what’s on the calendar. 

🔗 Follow on Twitter // Instagram

Founded in 2007, Girls in Tech is a nonprofit organization that offers its members access to in-person and virtual events, workshops, bootcamps, and coding courses for women.

As a member, you can also connect with mentors, check out the exclusive job board, attend hackathons, build up your professional skills, and much more.

22) Hear Me Code

hear me code

➡️ Website: hearmecode.com

💻 Courses: Beginner-friendly coding classes. Recently stopped offering in-person courses, but the curriculum and materials are freely available

💰 Price: Free

📍 Location: Online

🔗 Follow on Twitter

Hear Me Code taught beginner coding classes to 3,000+ women in D.C. between 2013 and 2019. While it no longer offers in-person classes, you find their curriculum and learning resources online.

Lessons are beginner-friendly and focus on practical skills you can apply in the real world. The curriculum consists of five core lessons, including topics like storing information, APIs, reading data, etc., with code samples and exercises. 

23) SheCodes


➡️ Website: https://www.shecodes.io/

💻 Courses: 

💰 Price: Basics class is $99, Plus class is $790, Pro class is $1,390

⏰ Duration: 

  • Basics: 3 weeks with 5 hours of work a week or 1 week with 20 hours of work a week
  • Plus: 12 weeks with 5 hours of work a week or 4 weeks with 20 hours of work a week
  • Pro: 6 months with 5 hours of work a week or 8 weeks with 20 hours of work a week

📍 Location: Online

🗓️ Upcoming workshops: Check out their upcoming events here.

🔗 Follow on Twitter // Instagram

SheCodes offers hands-on coding workshops for women. Their goal is to help bridge the gender gap in the tech programming industry by providing knowledge that is becoming necessary in today’s increasingly technological job market.

Coding workshops are broken up into three levels: Basics, Plus, and Pro. Each workshop starts from the beginning and depending on the level you choose, can go all the way to advanced topics and career advice.

What makes SheCodes stand out is that you’ll get feedback from experts that will help you sharpen your skills and build projects that are ready to showcase to future employers.

They also offer free, 60-minute coding sessions for beginners. To this day, SheCodes workshops have taught over 95,000 women how to code.

24) GirlCode

Girl Code

➡️ Website: https://www.girl-code.co.uk/

📍 Location: UK

🗓️ Upcoming workshops: Check out their upcoming events here.

🔗 Follow on Twitter // Instagram

Based in the UK, GirlCode is a female / non-binary career-focused online community and consultancy on a mission to both support and inspire female software engineers throughout their careers, whilst adding real value. 

An active community of over 50,000 members, 50+ brand ambassadors, a worldwide mentorship program, ways of sharing your journey with their community and tools to support your career including a Salary Insight Tool to ensure you are being paid a fair amount. They also hold regular meet up events! You can also get discounts on coding bootcamps.

25) Coding For Her

Coding for her

➡️ Website: https://codingforher.com/ 

💻 Workshops:

💰 Price: Ranges from $200-240 (weekdays), $240-280 (weekends) for private; $158/person for group

⏰ Duration: 3-4 hours 

📍 Location: Online

🗓️ Upcoming workshops: Check out their upcoming events here.

🔗 Follow on Instagram

Casual, friendly and intimate workshops for women. According to their website: “Coding for Her is for any female who has ever been too nervous or intimidated to join programming or tech classes, which are usually very large and impersonal. We totally get it! Embarking on something new and technical can be intimidating or overwhelming!”

Offers workshops in private or group settings depending on what you’re most comfortable with / what fits your budget.

26) G{Code}


➡️ Website: https://www.thegcodehouse.com/ 

💻 Course:

💰 Price: Free

⏰ Duration: Intro to G{Code} runs twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. The program is 10 weeks long, with cohorts meeting once per week on Sundays.

📍 Location: Roxbury, MA

🔗 Follow on Twitter // Instagram

A co-living, working, and learning coding opportunity for women of color ages 18-25, in the historic Garrison Trotter neighborhood in Roxbury, MA.

Intro to G{Code} is a free program designed to give black, brown, and/or indigenous young women or non-binary people of color between the ages of 18 to 25 first exposure to coding to uncover interest and aptitude in tech in a supportive, inclusive, and safe environment.

The program includes training in web development fundamentals, onsite tours of Boston tech companies, multiple portfolio-ready projects pushed to GitHub, and more.

G{Code} House is a proposed pilot program that will provide co-living, co-learning, and co-working spaces for women and non binary people of color ages 18 to 25 to unlock their potential and break into the tech industry as disruptive change makers.

Coding for Girls Under 18: Groups & Camps

Learning tech skills from a young age can give girls a massive leg up by the time they’re ready for college or careers. The below organizations, like Girls Who Code, will let them tap into a girls coding community where they’ll learn skills and make connections that could last a lifetime.

27) Alexa Café

alexa cafe

➡️ Website: https://www.idtech.com/alexa-cafe

💻 Coding for girls programs:

  • Virtual Tech Camps
  • Game design
  • Visual programming
  • Development with Java
  • Minecraft modding
  • Build and code wearable tech
  • And more

💰 Price: 

  • Virtual Tech Camp courses are $499
  • Day camp is $949/week
  • Overnight camp is $579/week (all meals included)

⏰ Duration: One week (usually Sunday evening-Friday afternoon)

📍 Locations: 15+ locations nationwide

👧 Age Range: Ages 10-15

An all-girls summer camp teaching tech, entrepreneurship, and other skills, along with fun camp-style socialization. The program has locations around the U.S., with day camp, overnight camp and virtual camp options. Students can choose what projects they want to focus on, and can optionally add continuing education units and college advising.

Alexa Café courses are endorsed by SWE, the Society of Women Engineers.

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28) Digital Youth Divas

digital youth divas

➡️ Website: digitalyouthnetwork.org/divas

💻 Girls coding program: Design-based engineering and computer science. Check out a program overview here.

💰 Price: Free

⏰ Duration: 21 weeks

📍 Location: Chicago, IL

👧 Age Range: Middle school girls, ages 11-13

The Digital Youth Divas (DYD) is a blended online and face-to-face program that uses a project-based learning approach to teach STEM topics to middle-school girls — especially those from underrepresented communities.

It teaches girl programmers technology, computer science and engineering fundamentals through a framework of design projects, narrative stories, an online social network platform, and a community of peers and mentors.

29) Black Girls CODE

black girls code

➡️ Website: blackgirlscode.com

💻 Workshops:

  • Java
  • Mobile App Development
  • Build a Game in a Day

💰 Price: Varies depending on the workshop (some are free!)

📍 Location: Cities across US

👧 Age Range: 7 to 17 years old

🗓️ Upcoming events: You can register on their website here.

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Since launching in 2011, the girls coding community has hosted multiple hackathons and learning expos across the country. The events primarily take place in large US cities such as Brooklyn, Chicago, Las Vegas, Memphis and others. Their events always happen on one day and generally last the full day, from 10 a.m. to 4 or 5 p.m. Virtual events typically last one or two hours.

According to the founder, Black Girls CODE provides: “young and pre-teen girls of color opportunities to learn in-demand skills in technology and computer programming at a time when they are naturally thinking about what they want to be when they grow up.”

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30) Tech Scholars Online

tech scholars

➡️ Website: www.nyhistory.org/education/teen-programs/scholars-program

💻 Coding courses for girls:

  • Web design
  • App building
  • Video game development

💰 Price: Courses are offered on a pay-what-you-want basis (the suggested full price is $150 for those with the ability)

📍 Location: Online

👩 Age Range: High school girls, grades 9–12

Tech Scholars Online teaches coding for girls in a supportive, all-girl environment. Courses are taught by experienced women computer programmers and students get the chance to be mentored by influential women in the tech field. Any high school student who self-identifies as a girl is welcomed.

Courses include hands-on projects, group work, and collaboration. Plus, students will learn about under-told stories of women in STEM throughout history. 

31) Girls Who Code (GWC)

girls who code

➡️ Website: girlswhocode.com

💻 Coding classes for girls: Computer Science Education in summer immersion programs, after-school clubs, university-level networks for college students, and code at home activities.

💰 Price: Free

⏰ Duration: Two weeks for the virtual summer immersion program and 1-2 hours per week for the after-school club

📍 Location: Several cities across the US, such as Boston, New York, Austin, and Seattle (see the full list of locations here)

👩 Age Range: Sophomores or juniors in high school (summer program), 6th-12th grade girls (clubs) or college-aged students (college and career programs)

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Girls Who Code is a US-based organization that has been featured across news outlets as a voice promoting girls in technology. GWC has four kinds of code-for-girls programs: their summer immersion program, an after-school program, a two-week day program held at high schools and universities and code at home activities.

Their summer coding camp for girls is full-time and lasts for two weeks. It is strictly for rising sophomore, junior, and senior girls, and combines instruction with mentorship.

To learn more about the Girls Who Code experience, check out Bernice’s story. She attended the 2014 GWC summer immersion program in Boston and has since started a GWC after-school club.

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32) TechGirlz

tech girlz

➡️ Website: techgirlz.org

💻 Girls coding classes: Workshops and Summer Camps

  • HTML & CSS
  • Linux
  • SQL databases
  • Python
  • Game Design
  • And more

💰 Price: Free for the workshops, $250 for the camp (partial scholarships are available too)

📍 Location: Predominantly eastern Pennsylvania and online

👧 Age Range: Middle school (6th-9th grade)

🗓️ Upcoming workshops: Check out their upcoming events here.

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TechGirlz is a non-profit organization primarily based in the Philadelphia area. However, they have “TechShopz” that take place around the US.

TechGirlz events are always completely free of charge and cater to middle-school girls specifically, although younger girls do sometimes attend. TechShopz usually occur on a Saturday afternoon for a few hours. Instruction topics differ, but include everything from Scratch and Raspberry Pi to building video games.

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With so many options out there teaching programming for women, it should be a breeze to find resources in your area to help you learn as an aspiring woman coder. Even if you live in the middle of nowhere, miles from a city, that’s what online coding workshops are for! So what are you waiting for!? Check out one of these groups for female coders TODAY!

33) Boolean Girl

boolean girl

➡️ Website: https://booleangirl.org/

💻 Coding classes for girls: Online classes, Summer Camp, Clubhouse (weekend mini camp) and Boolean University (self-paced online classroom)

  • Coding
  • Circuitry
  • AI
  • Engineering
  • Digital citizenship
  • Scratch Programming, 
  • Python Programming
  • Robotics/Physical Computing. 

⏰ Duration: The Clubhouse meets for three hours on Saturdays from 9-12

📍 Location: Summer Camps are in Arlington, VA; other classes are online

👧 Age Range: 7+

📍 Location: Online

🗓️ Upcoming workshops: Check out their upcoming events here.

🔗 Follow on Twitter // Instagram

Boolean Girl is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to teaching girls to code. They offer girls-only and co-ed free events, online classes, camps, and self-paced lessons.  

Boolean Girl Summer Camps are for girls age 7+ to learn computer science and engineering fundamentals through a series of unique projects and hands-on challenges. STEM high school and college students provide inspiration and guidance about opportunities in STEM. Before and after care options are available.

Girls and non-binary individuals learn to code and build electronics in a fun, collaborative setting with mini weekend camps called The Clubhouse.

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9 Coding Scholarships for Women in Technology

It’s not enough for tech education to be available for women; to make the biggest impact, it should also be financially accessible. Especially when you think about the wage gap, or women juggling their learning with family responsibilities, it can feel like financial realities close those doors of opportunity. 

That’s why it’s so important to have scholarships for women in coding! From coding bootcamp scholarships for women to college scholarships for women in technology, here are ten great options to put women’s coding dreams within reach.

1. Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship – Lesbians Who Tech: Named after LGBTQ and technology legend Edie Windsor, to recognize her heroic victory over the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Available to queer women and non-binary techies. Pick a partner school, and the scholarship will cover up to 50% of tuition. Apply or fill out the interest form here. 

2. Hackbright Academy scholarships: Students who’ve completed Hackbright Prep or Online Python 101 are eligible for up to a $1,500 discount off of their Software Engineering program tuition.

3. Women Take Tech scholarship – Flatiron School: The Women Take Tech Scholarship is designed for new enrollees in Flatiron School programs globally. Flatiron School has allocated $200,000 from their scholarship budget to equip women recipients with the education and skills necessary to obtain a job in the information technology workforce. Flatiron School will cover between $1,000 to $2,000 for each scholarship recipient.

4. Grand Circus Diversity Scholarship: People who self-identify as women or other underrepresented groups automatically qualify for a scholarship of $1,750.

5. General Assembly – Break the Glass Tuition Discount: For people who self-identify as a woman or as a transgender, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, or nonbinary person. Receive $1,500 USD (£1,500 GBP, 1,500€ EUR, $1,500 AUD, $1,500 SGD, or $1,500 CAD) toward your tuition.

6. The Women in Tech – Software Guild: The Women in Tech award grants a $2,000 discount on Software Guild tuition to qualifying women.

7. Code Platoon scholarships: This scholarship is awarded to a female veteran in honor of Rear Admiral Grace Hopper. Valued at $18,000.

8. The Represent Tech Scholarship: Scholarship amount: $13,175 (covers a majority of tuition costs). For female, transgender, and non-binary people, plus other underrepresented groups.

9. DevPoint Labs Scholarship: A women’s coding bootcamp scholarship offering 50% off tuition at one of DevPoint’s programs. Requires an application with essay questions.

Which Coding Programs for Women Are Right for You? 

With so many options out there teaching programming for women, it should be a breeze to find resources in your area to help you learn as an aspiring woman coder. Even if you live in the middle of nowhere, miles from a city, you can easily find an online coding school for women instead!

So what are you waiting for!? Check out one of these coding classes for women or women-only boot camps TODAY!