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A Beginner’s Guide to Python for Data Science

Python is a programmer darling for plenty of reasons: the language is easy to read and work with, relatively simple to learn, and popular enough that there's a great community…

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The 10 Worst Mistakes Freelance Web Developers Make When Dealing with Clients

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If you want to become a freelance web developer so you can start building your empire, there’s one thing you need to master beyond coding: dealing with clients.

Your skill at handling client relationships can make or break your success as a freelancer. In this special guest post, Pete Trbovich writes about common mistakes that freelance developers can make with clients. After all, when you know them, you’ll be a whole lot better at avoiding them and running your business like a well-oiled machine.

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11 Excel Skills That Will Make You Look Like a Spreadsheet Pro

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Developing Excel skills is a powerful way to start analyzing data like the professionals do.

Whether you’re navigating toward a future career as a data analyst, you want a new skill to leverage at work, or you want to turn your household budget into an impressive well-oiled machine, learning how to analyze data in Excel with Excel formulas and tools will definitely ramp up the efficiency of your life.

Here to let us in on his Microsoft Excel tips is Adam Lacey,

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3 Months Into Learning to Program: My Tips So Far

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Many of you are just starting out on your coding journeys—and while it’s helpful to learn from the experts, sometimes it’s also nice to get perspective from someone who’s right alongside you on the path.

Claire Whittaker has been learning to code for three months, so she’s in the perfect position to remember what it’s like when you’re first learning how to program.

In this special guest post, Claire shares what she’s learned on her journey so far and the tips she has for fellow beginners.

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What Is Serverless Architecture? Pros, Cons, and How to Get Started

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Technology runs on servers, right? So what is this “serverless architecture” idea all about?

Turns out, it’s less about eliminating servers, and more about changing where (and by whom) they’re managed. (Of course, there are a lot more nitty-gritty details to it!)

In this post, Robert Fisher — the VP of Product Development at Seamgen — explains what serverless architecture is and how it’s evolved, before delving into its pros and cons. If you’re a developer or decision-maker trying to decide if serverless computing is right for you,

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