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A Beginner’s Guide to Algorithmic Thinking

Algorithms are at the very core of successful and efficient development. You’ll use them as you learn to code, you’ll be asked about them in technical interviews, and they’ll likely…

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The 17 Best Coding Interview Courses and Books

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Tech interviews can be intimidating. They often have several phases, from the first technical phone screen, to a remote coding interview or assignment, to the final on-site interview and whiteboard challenge.

To be ready for this process, it’s not always enough to just have the raw tech skills. You also need to be able to perform under pressure, talk through your code to give the interviewer a window into your thoughts, and be clear and precise with your tech vocabulary and communication.

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106 Best Tech Gifts for Programmers, Coders, and Techies (2019)

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When it comes to tech gifts, there are so many different categories and options that it can send you into analysis paralysis. That’s why I created this roundup to make it a little easier to find super-cool gifts for techies in your life!

No matter who you’re buying for, this tech gifts guide has you covered. You’ll find cool tech gifts for programmers, gifts for computer science majors, gifts for coders who are still learning or job-hunting, gadget gifts for techies and smart home enthusiasts,

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How to Get a Great Job in Tech Without a Background in Tech

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Are you dying to get a job in tech, but don’t have a background in tech?

If yes, then this post by Joyce Akiko, a career transition expert, is what you need to read!

Below she shares five steps on how you can start moving towards your dream career in tech… even if your background has nothing to do with tech.



Do you want a job in tech,

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11 Moves to Break into Tech with Zero Experience

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Lots of people have dreams of changing careers into tech—but you might think it’s impossible or unlikely if you’ve spent your career in a totally different industry like construction, medicine, or food service.

But you can learn how to get into tech with no experience. In the post below, you’ll learn tips on how to switch careers without experience and meet over a dozen people who prove you can break into tech no matter your background.

This post is sponsored by Flatiron School.

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