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Do You Have What it Takes to be a Front End Developer?

Looking through job postings for a front-end developer can be overwhelming. From mentions of back-end JavaScript libraries to various CMS platforms and even SEO-related requirements, it can be shocking to…

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The Most Epic Guide to Online Coding Bootcamps, Ever

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Coding bootcamps didn’t exist several years ago. Now, they’re a multi-million dollar industry.

What makes a coding bootcamp unique is that while they generally come at a higher price tag, they are also more intensive than self-guided learning sites like Codecademy or Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) like edX. What’s more, grads enjoy a $23,724 average salary increase in their first job after attending a coding bootcamp. Plus, 80% of US tech companies have hired a coding bootcamp grad,

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Why You Should Use WordPress For Your First Website

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You’ll always remember the first website you build.

It’s a rite of passage for developers, after all! But in order to make it a happy memory instead of a frustrating one, you need to choose the right platform for building a website painlessly.

In this guest post, Brenda Berg advocates for WordPress being the one you choose. Why use WordPress? As she’ll explain, it’s robust and flexible, yet easy to learn.

Take it away,

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71 of The Best Places to Learn to Code For Free

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If you’re brand new to the world of coding and web development, it makes sense to start by teaching yourself using all the free coding resources online.

By taking advantage of these resources as you learn to code for free, you can discover what you like and don’t like before investing money into a certain coding language or set of courses. Once you’ve gone through enough free coding lessons to find that direction, you’ll be able to channel your passion to continue learning coding online most efficiently.

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The Ultimate Guide to Acing Your Technical Interview

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The technical interview is unlike any other job interview: it’s a specialized, rigorous process that tests your coding skills, problem-solving abilities, and personality.

But even though interviewing for a tech job is intimidating (with whiteboard challenges, remote coding challenges, and even full days of onsite interviews sometimes), it’s a lot easier when you know what to expect and are well-prepared.

That’s why I wanted to create an epic, comprehensive guide to technical interviews for tech newbies!

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