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The Most Epic Guide to Online Coding Bootcamps, Ever

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Coding bootcamps didn’t exist several years ago. Now, they’re a multi-million dollar industry.

What makes a coding bootcamp unique is that while they generally come at a higher price tag, they are also more intensive than self-guided learning sites like Codecademy or Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) like edX. What’s more, grads enjoy a $23,724 average salary increase in their first job after attending a coding bootcamp. Plus, 80% of US tech companies have hired a coding bootcamp grad, and 99.8% said they would do it again!

In addition to in-person bootcamps, there are now online coding bootcamps which bring that intense classroom environment online.

I've received numerous questions from readers asking about the best online coding bootcamps and what my thoughts are on bootcamps in general.

But… I never finished an online coding bootcamp myself.

So, I made it my mission to research some of the most popular bootcamps on the market, talk with some “graduates,” and see what they thought of them.

Table of Contents

Because this piece is a massive beast (of helpful information), I created a little table of contents so you can easily move around. Simply click one of the bootcamp names to jump ahead.

But First: Why an Online Bootcamp?

More specifically: Who should consider attending an online coding bootcamp?

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Co-founder of Course Report Liz Eggleston shines some light on this topic:

“Online bootcamps aren't MOOCs; they're structured, mentor-guided learning platforms that attempt to mirror the experience of in-class education. This means that you should expect to commit a good chunk of time to your class (between 5-20 hours per week), but does not mean that experience is necessary to succeed. Almost all online programs accept beginners and offer several course options catered to your experience level (ie. Intro to HTML/CSS, Front-End, or Full-Stack).

moocs vs bootcamps

If you have a unique background or are a bit more experienced, be sure to ask the school's admissions team if there is enough advanced content for you to benefit from the course.

While online bootcamps can be a great fit for any level of experience, students who have pinpointed their goals and motivations for learning to code may be more successful.

Why do you want to do an online coding bootcamp? If your goal is to change careers or get a technical job, then be sure you can commit 20 to 40 hours to the curriculum and outside work. If you're taking the course to build Liz, co-founder at Course Reportyour own app or company, be sure your mentor is able to adapt the course to your needs. For example, you may need to learn a bit of Node.JS even though the curriculum is front-end focused. Having a clear goal in mind will help you mentally commit to the course.”

– Liz Eggleston, co-founder of Course Report @coursereport

What Should You Think About Before Signing Up?

Again, back to Liz:

“Before you sign up:

  • Ask to review the bootcamp's curriculum or even ask for a free trial (Skillcrush gives a free 10-day intro course, Bloc is open with their curriculum, etc)
  • Know how much time you can devote to learning. Does the course cost make sense for your time commitment?
  • How long will you have access to the course materials? Do you have to finish in 3 months? Can you put your course on hold or extend it?
  • How many mentor sessions are guaranteed each week? Will you have access to your mentor outside of those designated sessions?
  • Is it important that you can choose your mentor?
  • How much access do you want to have to other students in the community?”

Basically: know your personal goals and preferences, and how the given bootcamp will be able to meet them.

Not ready to invest money in an online bootcamp just yet? Check out this list of 100% free resources to help jumpstart your coding journey.

An In-Depth Look at 14 Online Coding Bootcamps

Online Coding Bootcamp #1: Fullstack Academy Remote

Price: $17,610 (scholarships and financing available)
Duration: 17 weeks

Official website

Description: By the time you graduate from Fullstack's Remote Immersive program, you’ll have four impressive projects in your portfolio, plus pair programming experience, an elegant resume, and a strong GitHub profile to help you get hired by awesome companies.
What grads have gone on to do: Fullstack grads have been hired by Google, Amazon, Facebook, Spotify, and more.

Available Program: Remote Software Engineering Immersive

Online Coding Bootcamp #2: Bloc

Price: $7,500 (financing available)
Duration: Self-paced (but most students finish in 6 months)

Official website

Description: Bloc is the world's largest online bootcamp. You can learn at your own pace, develop apps with real-world use cases and communicate with a mentor on a weekly basis. Aside from specialized courses, Bloc also offers two tracks: web developer and web designer. Tracks cost significantly more than courses and involve a greater time commitment.

What grads have gone on to do: Bloc had a 97% success rate for job-seeking students in 2016, and alumni have secured top jobs at Sephora, Starbucks, Groupon, and more.


  • Web Developer ($7,500, self-paced)
  • Designer ($7,500, self-paced)

Specialized courses:

  • Frontend Web Development Fundamentals
  • UX & UI Design Fundamentals
  • iOS Fundamentals (coming soon!)
  • Android Fundamentals (coming soon!)

Price: $5,000

Duration: 16-32 weeks

Lauralee, Bloc participantBloc Previous Student Insight: Lauralee Flores

Website: lauraleeflores.com

Program Completed: Full Stack Development

Reasons for choosing Bloc:

“I was familiar with other bootcamps and had always wanted to attend them, but they either required that I be physically present at their location or the curriculum wasn’t challenging enough. I wanted something remote but still challenging.

I also chose Bloc because I got to work with a Bloc mentor one-on-one. After starting the program I was surprised at how much time I got with the mentor each week. It was a very pleasant surprise!

The reason that ultimately led me to choose Bloc was that I got to work one-on-one with a mentor on a capstone project of my choosing. I had been working on majorfinder.com for a while and together we created a personality test. I have since expanded it and am about to release it on majorfinder.com/personality.”

Who do you think the program would be good for?

“I feel like the program is good for anyone who is willing to work. It starts out easy and gradually gets harder. There's a mentor there with you every step of the way, so if you ever need help there's someone there to help you. And if you're a more advanced programmer you can fly through the easier stuff and get into more advanced rails projects. Regardless of where you're at when you begin, Bloc will challenge you and allow you to grow and improve.”

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Online Coding Bootcamp #3: CareerFoundry

Price: Varies (see below)
Duration: Varies (see below)

Official Website

Description: By the time you complete a program at CareerFoundry, you will have built an entire app from scratch, a portfolio, and a CV. You also will have had one-on-one mentorship from an industry expert, who is available to help whenever you need it, to guide your education.
What grads have gone on to do: 9 out of 10 CareerFoundry grads get a job within 6 months. Many of their grads have landed tech jobs at companies like Google, Apple, Netflix, and PayPal.

Available Courses:

  • Web Developer
  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer

Specialized courses:

  • UX Fundamentals
  • Voice User Interface Design
  • UI for UX Designers
  • Front-End Development for Designers

Price: $699-$19

Duration: 4-8 weeks

Sam, previous student at Career FoundryCareerFoundry Previous Student Insight: Samuel Boguslawski

Website: samuelboguslawski.com

Program completed: Full-Stack Web Development

Reasons for choosing CareerFoundry:

“I started teaching myself web programming a while ago and tried many things like Codecademy, Treehouse, Code School, Udemy and The Odin Project. With the first four websites my main problem was the missing complete curriculum. I was looking for something where I could learn everything I need to know in the right order without having to learn through many different tutorials here and there. I wanted to be guided through a proper learning plan…

That's why I found The Odin Project–which is an awesome website! The only problem with that one was, that when you get stuck you don't have someone to ask. You also really have to motivate yourself to stay on track and keep the learning up.

That's why I started looking for paid solutions. Because I knew if I pay for something I am gonna force myself to really put time and effort into it.

I looked at many different courses like Bloc.io or Viking Code School…even online universities. But in the end my main reason to choose CareerFoundry was the price. None of the other courses were nearly as affordable.”

Who do you think the program would be good for?

The program at CareerFoundry is perfect for people who want to get a general idea of web development and a deeper insight into back-end programming with Ruby on Rails. It is not for people who want to learn mainly about front-end, JavaScript, etc. because the JavaScript part of the curriculum is very short (at the moment)–but they are extending their curriculum all the time.”

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Online Coding Bootcamp #4: Designlab

Price: Varies (see below)
Duration: Varies (see below)

Official Website

Description: Designlab is unlike the others on the list. This bootcamp focuses on design more than coding. Aside from individual courses, they also have a more in-depth program, UX Academy, that is intended to prepare you for a career in UX design. It is more detailed than regular courses and comes with a job preparation component.
What grads have gone on to do: Designlab students often land UX jobs within a few months of completing the program, including roles at top companies like Microsoft and Adidas.

Available program: UX Academy
Price: $5,999
Duration: 15-28 weeks

Single classes:

  • Design 101
  • Typography
  • Branding
  • UX Research & Strategy
  • Interaction Design
  • UI Design

Price: $299-$399

Duration: 4 weeks

Alexa, previous DesignLab Student

Designlab Previous Student Insight: Alexa Denner

Twitter: @AlexajaneDen

Program completed: Design 101

Reasons for choosing Designlab:

“I chose to go with Designlab because I had heard of another Designlab student who went from a completely nonexistent graphic designer to a proficient one in 6 weeks and without learning photoshop! Inspired, I signed up and learned everything using the platform Sketch to design. I know how to use Photoshop, but I found Sketch was a more comprehensive platform and enabled me to keep up with the coursework by being simpler to use. The mentor I had was an insanely talented CTO, head graphic designer, and founder of his company. I was so lucky to find Designlab, and I can’t believe the experience I had. I would recommend it to everyone.”

Who do you think the program would be good for?

“Now that I have completed Designlab I believe I have enough experience and skill (plus a portfolio) to apply for the Graphic Designer positions I had previously aspired to fill. I’m currently freelancing as a graphic designer and able to practice and perfect the skills Designlab had already begun to foster for me. This course is essential for any artist who wants to get the tools to learn how to innovate themselves in the digital world. The skills I have acquired through my Designlab course made me more marketable and far happier in my new work life.”

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Online Coding Bootcamp #5: Firehose Project

Price: $6,500 (financing available)
Duration: 22 weeks

Official Website

Description: Firehose Project offers a free two-week pre-course to learn basic HTML, CSS, and core Ruby concepts. You can then move on to the full online bootcamp web development program after that period.
What grads have gone on to do: Firehose Project grads have secured tech roles at established companies like The Home Depot, as well as exciting startups.

Available Program: Full-Stack Web Development

Brant, previous student at FirehoseProjectFirehose Project Previous Student Insight: Brant Wellman

Twitter: @brantwellman

Reasons for choosing Firehose Project:

“The two biggest reasons I went with the Firehose Project over other online coding bootcamps were 1) the group project that you end up being a part of during the curriculum and 2) the fact that they teach you algorithms in addition to how to build web applications. No other online bootcamp that I researched offered either of these things in their curriculum and I felt like they were both going to help me become a better coder and stand out from the pack in interviews for Jr Web Development positions.”

Who do you think the program would be good for?

“When I went through the program, it was advertised as something that you could do in 10-15 hours / week for the length of the program. However, if you have more time to put into it, you will get more out of it. I spent an average of at least 30 hours per week working on the program, and I still feel like if I had put more time into it, my Mentor would have easily filled that time with more things to learn. If you have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS already as well, you will get more out of the program as you won't be slowed down by needing to understand these languages. Ideally, you are someone that already has some basic understanding of HTML and CSS and you have as much time available to throw at the program as you possibly can.”

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Online Coding Bootcamp #6: Hack Reactor Remote

Price: $17,980
Duration: 16 weeks (or 9 months part-time)

Official Website

Description: Hack Reactor Remote is an intense online coding program condensed into a 16-week immersive period. They teach one main thing: JavaScript. You'll learn from instructors face-to-face over video conference, get partnered with another student, and have access to a help desk that's ready to answer your questions over video chat.

What grads have gone on to do: Hack Reactor has more grads at top companies than any other coding bootcamp. Plus, its grads make more money than the average software engineer.

Bryan Bierce, previous student at Hack Reactor Remote Hack Reactor Remote Previous Student Insight: Bryan Bierce


Reasons for choosing Hack Reactor Remote:

“I chose Hack Reactor because for two reasons: curriculum and culture. In my research I could find no other program whose curriculum appeared as thorough and rigorous as Hack Reactor's and had the short, three-month format. In fact, I found six-month programs that didn't seem to cover the breadth of concepts that Hack Reactor did.

After reaching out and talking to people that had been through the program, it became clear that the ambitious curriculum and limited time frame created a very particular culture. A culture of people who are driven, hungry for knowledge, and really enjoy what they are doing. I knew that was the kind of program I wanted to be a part of and where I would grow the most.”

Who do you think the program would be good for?

“Not everybody. This is not a program in which you participate casually. You won't be taking a Friday off or a weekend away while you do it. It expects and requires you to immerse yourself fully in your growth for the entirety of the three months. When I started I told my friends and my family that I love them and I'd see them in three months. I don't think I would have been as successful doing it any other way.

So if you are looking for something to do while you work full- or part-time, this isn't it. If you are looking for something that you can complete with the hours that you would normally spend at work, this isn't it. But if you are passionate about growing into a software engineer and want to immerse yourself for the most intense and rewarding experience of your life, this is it.

If you are ready to make the leap and be a software engineer, Hack Reactor Remote will help you get there like no other program.”

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Online Coding Bootcamp #7: Launch School

Price: $199/month
Duration: Self-paced (but most students finish in 6-12 months)

Official Website

Description: The Launch School online program teaches technologies and programming languages that don't change. The idea is that when you master the fundamentals of programming first, you can easily learn any programming language in the future. Launch School is for serious learners only: those that want to make a complete career transition. Learn more about Launch School in this LTCWM podcast interview where I chat with the founder, Chris Lee.
What grads have gone on to do: The average starting salary for Capstone graduates is $110,938 within 12 weeks of graduation. Alumni work at industry leading companies like Intel, HP, and LinkedIn.

Available program: The Slow Path to Proficiency

Perry Carbone - Former Launch School StudentLaunch School Previous Student Insight: Perry Carbone

Website: perrycarbone.github.io

Reasons for choosing Launch School:

“I chose Launch School for its pristine reputation, it's cost to value ratio, the thoroughness it provides in the material it teaches, and its focus on fundamentals and first principles. There is simply no other bootcamp out there that provides all of these things in spades like Launch School does. Another big factor was that it was online and self-paced. As a career changer, part-time musician, and husband and father of three, I needed the flexibility to accomplish the transition on my own terms while juggling the other priorities in my life. Launch School provides the perfect balance–it's flexible while being fully supported. And their mentoring program (which I participated in) guarantees job placement if you are willing to work really hard and not give up.”

Who do you think the program would be good for?

“This program is perfect for serious beginners who are not just looking for any job, but top-level engineering jobs in the industry. If you are willing to work very hard, put the time in and be fully committed to the process, Launch School will guide you all the way to the finish line.”

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Online Coding Bootcamp #8: Flatiron School's Online Web Developer Program

Price: $1,500/month (financing available)
Duration: Self-paced (but most students finish in 5-12 months)

Official Website

Description: Flatiron School's Online Web Developer Program offers an online curriculum for becoming a full-stack web developer. During the course of the program you will complete over 700 lessons, have access to study groups, and receive career training. The online coding bootcamp teaches Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, and more.
What grads have gone on to do: Flatiron School boasts a 97% job placement rate with an average starting salary of $76K.

Available program: Full Stack Web Development
Single classes:

  • Intro to JavaScript
  • Intro to Ruby

Price: Free

Duration: 30+ hours

Ziv Zamechek - Learn.co student testimonial

Learn Previous Student Insight: Ziv Zamechek

Website: ziveloper.com


Reasons for choosing Learn.co:

“I chose Learn Verified because it is a part-time program that can run around my schedule, has opportunities for great networking, and guarantees a job. They have many TAs that respond very quickly, and Avi is a great teacher who really takes his time to help when needed. Tried out the pre-course and really enjoyed learning and becoming part of a friendly community.”

Who do you think the program would be good for?

“Learn Verified is a great bootcamp for anybody who is seeking a career as a developer and for those who want to learn programming at their own convenient time, especially for those who have jobs they want to keep.”

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Online Coding Bootcamp #9: Skillcrush

Price: Varies (see below)
Duration: Varies (see below)

Official Website

Description: Skillcrush is catered to people who want to switch careers into the digital world. Their specialty is three-month “career blueprints” tailored for the career you want. Skillcrush also offers single classes for those who want to learn one specific topic. Try their free 10-day coding bootcamp to start with some beginner-friendly knowledge.

What grads have gone on to do: Skillcrush grads have switched careers, found 100% remote coding jobs, and landed fulfilling full-time and freelance tech jobs.

Career Blueprints:

  • Front-End Developer
  • Visual Designer
  • Freelance WordPress Developer
  • Freelance Business Building
  • The Break into Tech Blueprint ($1499, 9-12 months in

Price: 3 monthly payments of $199 or a full payment of $499

Duration: 3 months

Single Classes:

  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • Ruby, Git & The Command Line

Price: $249

Duration: 3-4 weeks

Debbie, a previous Skillcrush studentSkillcrush Previous Student Insight: Debbie Labedz

Website: bibliofille.com

Twitter: @bibliofilleblog

Programs completed:

  • Skillcrush 101: HTML & CSS (3 week course)
  • Freelance WordPress Developer course (3 month course)
  • Beginning Skillcrush 102: JavaScript & JQuery (3 week course)

Reasons for choosing Skillcrush:

“They know their niche and they execute well within it: 25- to 35-year-old women looking to change careers to something tech-related. That was me in a nutshell. Their content was broken down into easily digestible chunks, often following a tight sequence of short video, a chunk of content, an exercise, and a review. It was clear that they had invested in the pedagogical aspect of learning to code rather than just throwing a bunch of terms and concepts at you, but it still had a fresh tone that didn't feel stuffy or academic.

The lessons often included cheat sheets, worksheets, exercises, and little quizzes to make the experience more interactive and make sure the concepts really stuck. All of their classes offer access to a Mightybell chat group where you could ask questions, connect with other classmates, and offer or get support. That was a big selling point for me. I knew I wouldn't feel alone in this program. I also loved that they offer lifetime access to the courses you take. I still reference lessons from the class I took over a year ago when I'm developing sites now.”

Who do you think the program would be good for?

“I think their individual courses are best suited for beginners, perhaps beginner-intermediate developers. They offer career-focused tracks for tech roles such as web designer, web developer, and freelance WordPress developer where the tech content is nicely mixed with job searching/freelancing strategies. Their programs are perfect for those who are early on in their journey toward a career change.”

* Full Disclosure: I sometimes write for Skillcrush.

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Online Coding Bootcamp #10: Thinkful

Price: Varies (see below)
Duration: Varies (see below)

Official Website

Description: Thinkful is more established than the others (they've been around since 2012). Choose programs in front-end basics, data science, full-stack development, or (their most rigorous) engineering immersion. They have a stronger emphasis on one-on-one mentorship and also will review your resume after each course is completed. Thinkful has flexible pricing options, so you only pay for the months you need.
What grads have gone on to do: 82% of Engineering Immersive grads are placed as full-time developers at companies like Amazon, Boeing, and Google. Plus, students report an average salary increase of $16,010.

Available Programs:

  • Engineering Immersion
  • Full-Stack Flex
  • Data Science
  • Front-End Basics

Price: $7,990 to $14,000 (financing available); $500/month for Front End Basics

Duration: 3 months or more, depending on hours spent studying each week

Zak, former Thinkful student Thinkful Previous Student Insight: Zak Cagaros

Website: expresstuts.com

Program completed: Front-End Web Development

Reasons for choosing Thinkful:

“The main reasons behind my decision to go with Thinkful was its flexibility in doing a course at my own pace without having to make other sacrifices. I run my own training company, so this was ideal for me as it enabled me to learn part-time whilst continuing what I was doing. The other main factor that helped me decide was the number of projects that you get to work on and working with an experienced mentor. The projects are closely aligned with what is expected in a real world situation, and this, in my opinion, is the best way to learn to code.”

Who do you think the program would be good for?

“I think the program would be ideal for any developers that want to learn front-end skills, and in particular beginners that would like to have a good foundation that they can build on further. Also, I think this course would serve as a nice prerequisite before taking a full immersive hands-on bootcamp course.

Since starting the course, Thinkful have increased the cost of all of their courses to $500, and now that I have gone through the entire course I believe that this is overpriced, given that they do not actually give you any resources. However, if the main priority is to get the time of an experienced mentor to help you to complete your projects then I think it's definitely worthwhile, but in terms of the course curriculum and the learning resources, you can easily get [those] for free elsewhere.”

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Online Coding Bootcamp #11: Coder Manual

Price: $499
Duration: 12-18 weeks (or self-paced)

Official Website

Description: At Coder Manual, you’ll build the core of a real startup that you can use for your own business or online store. You’ll also develop a portfolio of 11 real apps found in sites like Facebook, Wikipedia, and Dropbox and get live help from your peers.

What grads have gone on to do: Coder Manual grads become job-ready web developers.

Available Program: Complete Web Developer Bootcamp with Rails

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Online Coding Bootcamp #12: Actualize

Price: $9,500
Duration: 16 weeks

Official Website

Description: What sets Actualize apart from other online coding bootcamps is that its instructors have professional experience in both education and software engineering. Nothing is pre-recorded, which means you’re able to communicate directly with your peers and ask questions during each live class session.

What grads have gone on to do: Actualize grads have landed positions at innovative startups and top companies like Amazon, Salesforce, and Bank of America.

Available Program: Online Live Coding Bootcamp

Margaret Hobin - Former Actualize Student

Actualize Previous Student Insight: Margaret Hobin

Website: github.com/mhobin


Reasons for choosing Actualize:

“I chose Actualize because of the part-time, online flexibility and the process in which they choose their instructors. All lead instructors have an education background in addition to their professional software engineering experience. Actualize’s online cohort is able to achieve the discipline of an in-person class, all from the comfort of your own home. Nothing is pre-recorded and you are able to see your Instructor along with all of your classmates in realtime. Knowing that I could ask my instructor questions as they came up was a critical point when deciding on a bootcamp. ”

Who do you think the program would be good for?

“Any one really can learn to code! Prior to the program I had very limited exposure to coding. The program is extremely well designed; by the end you will not only develop the technical skills to be a developer, but more importantly the problem solving abilities necessary to be a successful developer. This is no doubt due to the instructors. I would recommend Actualize to anyone that needs the structure of an in-person class, but desires the freedom to work from wherever they please. This really is as good as it gets for an online course.”

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Online Coding Bootcamp #13: Lambda School

Price: $0 + 17% income for two years
Duration: 30 weeks (or 12 months part-time)

Official Website

Description: This program is actually completely free up-front; students pay back a portion of their income once they land a high-paying job. You won't find many lower-risk online coding bootcamps than that! Lambda School’s curriculum is taught by instructors from Google, Apple, and more. What’s more, you’ll get instant one-on-one help whenever you need it.

What grads have gone on to do: Grads have secured jobs with Lambda School’s 75+ hiring partners, including Slack and IBM.0% hiring rate, Tech Academy grads become full-stack, junior-level software developers.

Available Programs:

  • Full-time Computer Science Academy
  • Part-time Computer Science Academy
  • Full-time Data Science Academy
  • iOS Development

Vim Shah - Former Lambda School StudentLaunch School Previous Student Insight: Vim Shah

Website: speechpedals.com

Program Completed: Full-stack Web Development (Full-time)

Reasons for choosing Lambda School:

“The reason I chose Lambda is after about 4 years of researching various Bootcamps and MOOCs they almost ALL wanted some money upfront. While this might be ok, I had no real way of testing if the investment would be worth it. Would I get a job? Who knows? Are the numbers they post on graduation rates accurate? Again, who knows? I spent many years paying off my student loans and didn't want to get into another payment for education. Lambda's model – I only pay if I get a job – was TOO good to be true. I asked so many questions to find out what the catch was. In the end, there wasn't one. Just a company who truly wants me to become a developer and doesn't charge me anything unless I get a job making over 50k. What a vision. If I don't get a job in 5 years, we part our separate ways. As this point, it was a no-brainer.”

Who do you think the program would be good for?

“I think this program is ideally for those that have some minimal programming experience and have about 40-60 hours/week. This program is everything I ever wanted. I had all these holes in my CSS/HTML/JS knowledge dueboo to being self-taught. These holes are getting filled. With live instructors, things started to make sense. I was on my computer from 7:45am – 6:45pm M-F, with breaks of course. I plan to sell my programming as a service. You really get out of it what you put in. For me, it means putting in the time and work. Believe it or not, I haven't had this much fun in a very long time.”

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Online Coding Bootcamp #14: The Tech Academy

Price: $12,000
Duration: Self-paced

Official Website

Description: The Tech Academy teaches several in-demand programming languages like JavaScript, C#, SQL, and more. Students learn to code through real-world training and become full-stack software developers that can code on both the front- and back-end.

What grads have gone on to do: With a 90% hiring rate, Tech Academy grads become full-stack, junior-level software developers.

Available Program: The Software Developer Bootcamp

Student Name: Cody Landry

Website: http://codylandry.github.io/

Program: Software Developer Bootcamp

Why you chose The Tech Academy:

“When I went searching for a bootcamp, I was disappointed to find that most require you to be on site and are highly intensive programs spanning 2-6 months. As a working adult with a family to support, that wasn't an option. I was relieved to find the Tech Academy which embraces remote students. When I called, I actually got to speak directly to Erik Gross about my goals and aspirations. We talked several times over the next couple of weeks before I signed up. The Tech Academy staff consistently provided expert knowledge and advice to help me develop my technical and soft skills as well as helping me build my confidence enough to make the career switch. Couldn't be happier.”

Who do you think the program would be good for?

“I think the Tech Academy is a great choice for people of all skill levels and schedule requirements. I had done some self learning prior to attending, but had no idea where I stood and no idea how ‘good' you had to be to get hired. The Tech Academy starts you at the VERY BEGINNING. This is great for those with no background in coding. Others will simply breeze through these sections until they hit material fit for their skill level. I found that I actually had more knowledge than I'd thought and, while I did gain a lot of technical skills, I felt like I got the most out of the coaching and interview preparation. During my time with The Tech Academy, I had a very demanding work/family schedule. The staff made sure to keep in contact with me, helping me stay motivated.”

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A special thanks to all the participants who made this guide to the best online coding bootcamps possible!

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Additional Resources on Online Coding Bootcamps:

Online Coding Bootcamps Offer Flexible, Affordable Learning at Your Convenience

In addition to helping aspiring tech career-changers, coding bootcamps are starting to act as a supplement to college education. Even Ivy League graduates sign up for them. The industry is only growing, online and offline.

With all the options available—each varying in price, duration, and intensity—there’s something for everyone. Which one is the best online coding bootcamp really depends on your goals. It’s important to do your research and consider exactly what you want to get out of the bootcamp before choosing one and signing up.

Each of these online coding bootcamps offer different things, for different people. So reflect on what is important to your future, and how you learn best before making a final decision.

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