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Learning with Udemy

Quick Description

Udemy is an online learning platform where over 9 million students can take courses in a variety of subjects. With over 35,000 courses available and over 19,000 instructors teaching everything from programming to knitting, Udemy is a great resource for learning a new skill at a reasonable price.

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Topics Taught

All topics from programming to marketing and much more. See some of my most recommended Udemy courses here.


Course price


  • Varies depending on the course; prices range from a $20 to $50
  • There are also many free courses

Pros and Cons


  • Relatively inexpensive to take a course
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Straightforward and user-friendly course layout
  • Udemy handles membership and payment processing for you
  • 35,000+ courses available
  • 80+ languages represented
  • Refunds available


  • Restrictions on communication between instructors and students
  • Instructors are not always attentive to students
  • One-size-fits-all approach in teaching; no personalization
  • Courses can be created by anyone, no vetting on behalf of Udemy

What past students think

AJ Saleemaj-salem

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  1. Udemy is different than other platforms because you can talk to the instructor directly on the course discussion wall. It’s great because your question doesn’t get lost in a forum somewhere tends to be answered quickly.
  2. You can speed up the video X.25, X.50, and X1.00. This feature helps because some instructors are long-winded and put “fluff” in their courses.
  3. The one time pay model keeps you off a subscription.


  1. Support by the instructors is not always provided. There are Udemy courses where the author has abandoned the course but the course is still up for sale.
  2. The 30 day money back guarantee is misleading. The majority of the longer courses take at least 60 – 90 days to complete. Sometimes you don’t have the time to commit to complete a course within 30 days, and you won’t know if the course was worth the money until you’ve gone through the entire course.
  3. Udemy is flooded with poor courses and instructors with bad accents, not everyone is a good instructor nor do they have the necessary fluency. One of the courses I enrolled in was taught by a guy whose accent was so bad I couldn't continue with the rest of the course.

Recommended for:

I would still recommend Udemy to anyone who wants to learn on a budget. Udemy is an excellent platform for people who want to learn how to code and the reason for this is because the majority of coding courses are taught by instructors who take a lot of pride in the courses they publish. They are always constantly updating them and answering questions on the discussion walls.


Visnu Mathewsv-matthews



What I liked about Udemy is its diverse courses that caters to different kinds of professionals. The courses’ instructors also come from different industries or organizations making each course a unique experience as compared to other well known online learning platforms.

The best part of being in Udemy? Its regular sale caravans. One can easily buy a course up to almost 90% off the original price.


There were some courses where the video buffers most of the time.

Also, the price conversion seems to have some bugs. For example, a course that was converted to a local currency price tag is likely more than than its corresponding (and real) dollar price tag.

Recommended for:

I would totally recommend Udemy to my colleagues searching for courses on IT development.


Independent learners will appreciate the self-guided pace, the variety of courses, and the simple course format. Instructors will love the price and ease of creating courses. But if you want more personalized instruction as a student, or want more freedom of design as an instructor, Udemy.com might not be your best choice.

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