Tech Toolbox 2019: How to Learn Development Fundamentals with Michael Hartl

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If you looked at Michael Hartl’s journey and were asked to bet where he’d end up, you’d probably put your money on “becoming a physicist.” After all, he studied physics as undergrad, grad school and postdoctoral research fellowship—it would logically continue the narrative!

But while in grad school, Michael became interested in entrepreneurship, because of the wide range of options it seemed to present for life. So when he graduated, he started a fantasy sports startup with a friend. As part of this new venture, he had to teach himself web development. He took to it so well that later, he wrote a book about Ruby on Rails, which turned into the Ruby on Rails Tutorial he’s known for today.

Later, he created Learn Enough to meet the needs of beginners who wanted to learn to code but didn’t have a ton of prior knowledge. Learn Enough focuses on simple and easy-to-understand tutorials that cover important details like what keyboard shortcuts to use, how to use a text editor, etc.

And guess what? Michael is offering not one but three tutorials as part of the 2019 Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox :) This week only, you can snap up these (and 30 more products) for a tiny fraction of the cost.

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Michael’s main piece of advice to beginners on their tech journey: know why you want to learn how to code. When you’re approaching a new technology, know what you want to do with it, like a project or a goal.

Listen to what else Michael has to say in the special podcast episode below!

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