Tech Toolbox 2019: How to Find Your Tech Career Fit with Jeremy Schifeling

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Jeremy Schifeling is no newcomer to the LTCWM Podcast—he joined us way back in season 1 to talk about resume and cover letter tips. We’re glad to have him back for this special episode!

Jeremy SchifelingWhile he’d always been excited about the tech space, Jeremy started out his career as a kindergarten teacher. After deciding to transition to tech professionally, he got opportunities to work at Apple, Google, and LinkedIn.

Since he knows firsthand how impossible it can seem to break into tech as an outsider—but also how possible it really is—Jeremy became a career coach and founded Break Into Tech to help others make that leap.

One of his courses, called Find Your Fit, is all about helping people discover which transitional role could be the ideal next opportunity for them. He covers technical areas, like building code or using data science to analyze data, and tech-adjacent roles that are more on the business side, like marketing a product or bringing in talent. As the course will show you, there’s something for everyone!

And for a limited time this week, you can get Jeremy’s course and 32 other tech products for a crazy low price as part of the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox.

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When you’re considering a career change, it can be overwhelming to figure out where you fit. But discovering where your strengths meet your passions is your path forward to a life you love!

Listen to Jeremy’s special podcast episode below.

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