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Everything you need to learn new tech skills, earn more money, and level up your career — guaranteed. 

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If you told me 6 months ago that we’d be able to outdo ourselves, I would have thought you were crazy… 

This question kept me up at night: What could I do to deeply impact as many people’s lives as possible?

At Learn to Code With Me, I wanted to help my audience learn tech skills that could help them earn tens of thousands of dollars more and transform the trajectory of their careers. But I wanted them to get results fast — and affordably. 

So 6 months ago I went on a mission. What if I could get my audience access to mentorship and guidance from the very best leaders and teachers in tech — education worth thousands of dollars that’s delivered results for thousands of other students? 

After late nights, long brainstorming sessions, and dozens of meetings, our team came up with the answer

It was like the stars aligned at that moment.

What if I rallied the best and brightest tech course creators together, and convinced all of them to contribute their premium products to one ultimate bundle of educational resources for leveling up tech skills? 

Well, guess what? We did it. In November 2018, we partnered with 19 course creators who contributed 19 of the very best products—which together were valued at over $3,400. 

And now we’ve outdone ourselves by doing it again, creating the brand new Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox 2019 version. This time we kicked it up a notch, and partnered with 21 experts to get you access to 33 (yes, you read that right!) premium products, worth $4,299. It’s the best deal we’ve ever been able to put together for you.

"I can’t believe you convinced all these top-notch creators to include their courses in your bundle. I have never seen anything like this before. I'm blown away."


Creator of, South Africa

You can absolutely level up your tech skills.And you can do it in less time than you think. 

Maybe you think you don’t have enough time to get into tech, or start freelancing, or build a tech-based business. Think again. 


The reality is that tech skills allow you to live a better life. They pay more and give you freedom and flexibility in your career, whatever your goals may be. As many say, “Every company is a tech company today.” 

On average, people spend 40 hours a week working. That’s 2,080 hours per year. Almost 25% of your life over the span of a year is spent working. 

You deserve to spend that ¼ of your adult life doing something that has meaning, pays well, offers world-class benefits, and gives you freedom. Enjoyment and fulfillment in your professional life is a foundation to overall happiness.

"I thought I was too late in the game to get started in tech, and that it would take too long make the switch. But I was dead wrong. And the Tech Career Toolbox is the perfect shortcut for anybody who wants to make the transition."


Founder and CEO of Break Into Tech, Silicon Valley

Transitioning into tech will change your life.

It’s not too late, and you can do this.


The Ultimate



The perfect course collection to level up your tech skills, make career moves, ask for a bigger paycheck, and more.

The Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox contains 33 different tech courses and resources covering topics from web development to data analysis to getting started as a freelancer. It's like a bottomless champagne brunch buffet, but for your tech career.


"I was skeptical at first. Thousands of dollars in courses for hundreds of dollars sounded too good to be true…

But the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox turned out to be the best way to save a whole bunch of time and spend a fraction of the price you would trying to get all these courses separately.

Plus, I never have to worry about buying additional tech courses online again. As I advance my learning and decide to pursue new subjects, I’m very fortunate that I can still access all of these courses that I bought months ago.

I was even able to drop out of my second bachelor’s degree to spend time working on these courses! You won't regret getting this bundle.” 


Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Inside this once-in-a-lifetime bundle...

Learn programming languages and frameworks

Dive into languages like JavaScript, Java, and others, plus frameworks and libraries like React and Spring. Whether you want to develop websites, web applications, mobile apps, or all of the above, these courses will give you the foundation you need to succeed at it all.

Get career advice

Landing your first tech job doesn’t have to be rocket science. Inside the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox, there are courses that will help you discover what transitional role might be right for you, launch your own business, and get job-ready.

Land your dream job

Unsure which tech career is for you? We have courses covering topics like software testing, data analysis, product management, mobile app development, etc. Even beyond that, there are resources that lay out the steps necessary to turn your dream job into a reality.

Make more money

From honing your business acumen to mastering skills that demand a higher paycheck, we have you covered. The Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox has programs and resources that will help you level up your salary or bring in your own profits as a freelancer.

You won't believe everything you'll get for as little as


All of the courses and resources you'll get with the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox

available immediately after purchase.


Learn Enough Developer Fundamentals

By Michael Hartl

3 tutorials included:

1. Learn Enough Command Line 

2. Learn Enough Text Editor  

3. Learn Enough Git 

Michael Hartl, founder of tech education site Learn Enough, Harvard graduate with a Ph.D. from Caltech, and bestselling author of ten books.

With 360 pages of ebook content and nearly four hours of downloadable video, these tutorials will guide you step by step through these essential technical tools. By mastering these fundamentals, you’ll unlock the ability to use your computer to its full potential, collaborate with millions of other developers worldwide, and prepare yourself to learn both front- and back-end web development.


in value

  • Michael Hartl's guide to the command line is an awesome tutorial for beginners and a great refresher for experienced programmers as well.



Hahna Kane Latonick, founder of Invent With Code, whose goal is to help developers earn more. Featured on Fox Business News, Entrepreneur, and other national media outlets.


in value

Freelance Developer Jumpstart

By Hahna Kane Latonick

Want to work from home or remotely while turning your coding skills into cash? Hahna’s course will help you achieve that. Inside this 5-module course, you’ll learn how to land your first client in under 90 days. Go at your own pace and join the mastermind group to get your questions answered and continued accountability. As a bonus, you'll also learn how to generate the necessary legal documents you need to run and protect your business.


Learn JavaScript - JavaScript beginners bundle

By Laurence Svekis

3 courses included:

1. JavaScript course - Learn core concepts

2. JavaScript DOM Dynamic Web interactive content Boot Camp 

3. JavaScript Basics Web Development Building Blocks

Laurence Svekis, innovative technology and business expert, has created over 300 web development courses teaching 500,000 students total.

Get on the web development fast track with core JavaScript learning! This JavaScript bundle guides you through all the core parts of JavaScript so you can start coding quickly. Create dynamic, interactive web pages right from your browser. The course includes source code and exercises to help you solidify your learning. Plus, you get access to an instructor with 20+ years of experience, who's happy to answer whatever questions you need.


in value


Mastering React 

By Mosh Hamedani

Expand your career options and make extra money by mastering React. Used by both new and seasoned developers, it is one of the most popular libraries for building fast, dynamic web and mobile apps that stand out. This course covers absolutely every detail you could possibly need to take you from beginner React developer to expert level. It includes 12 hours of content with exercises and a real-world project. 

Mosh Hamedani, founder of Programming with Mosh, is a passionate software engineer whose courses and videos have taught 3 million+ people how to code.


in value

  • This guy just covered the every little possible thing in his course regarding React and thinking like a better software developer. Thanks once again, Mosh. You are truly an inspiration.



Jeremy Schifeling, founder and CEO of Break Into Tech, a resource site for people exploring tech careers. He has landed roles at Apple, LinkedIn, and Google.


in value

Find Your Fit

By Jeremy Schifeling

Want to get a tech job but don't know where to begin? Selecting the right role is, by far, the most important step in landing (and enjoying) a tech job. Ultimately, feeling like you're truly a good fit for the jobs you pursue will make your career one of passion and fulfillment. This course walks you through all the major tech-adjacent roles that anyone can use to transition into tech—including project management, business operations, marketing, and more. Learn about day-to-day responsibilities in these roles, what kinds of people fit them best, and which one could be perfect for you.

  • WOW, what a really great course to gain insight on the tech industry, its roles, my fit, and very practical steps to gaining confidence in the tech job search.



Build Real World Full Stack Mobile Apps in Java 

By Shai Almog

2 courses included:

1. Build Real World Full Stack Mobile Apps in Java

2. Deep Dive into Mobile Development with Codename One 

Shai Almog, co-founder of Codename One, is a full-stack developer, speaker, blogger & author with wide mobile industry experience.

In order to build successful apps on your own, it's extremely helpful to practice by looking at applications that have achieved wild success in the past. This course walks you through the process of building templates for many of the most popular apps. Currently, the course includes a full-featured Uber clone, Facebook clone, restaurant app builder, and WhatsApp clone (plus, more will be added soon). You'll write full-stack apps once in Java and have a finished product that works on all devices. 


in value

  • The material was awesome and our instructor gave precious advice on making the process of app creation more efficient.



Mark Lassoff, founder and president of Framework Television, has helped teach over a million people web and mobile development.


in value

Certified Web Developer Program

By Mark Lassoff

Want to learn how to code, become a certified professional, and have fun doing it, under the tutelage of a recognized international trainer? Look no further! As a beginner, you don't even have to be good at math to take this courseall you need is the desire to learn and the ability to follow instructions. Start with basic coding principles and work your way through a variety of languages (from HTML and CSS to JavaScript to PHP) to finally earn your title as a web developer.

  • If you don't know anything about coding but have always had a passion for learning, this is your course. It is simple to understand as a novice and easy to follow. It goes through all the steps from beginning to end with very thorough explanations. If you have always wanted to learn how to code but never thought you could do it, this is a small investment for a big reward.



Dain Miller, founder of StartHere.FM, has held tech leadership roles at the Dept. of State, the White House, and now teaches others how to code.


in value

The Advanced Beginner Challenge: Learn JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and More via 30-Day Challenges

By Dain Miller

You can learn programming languages faster than you thought was possible, level up your current job or land a new role in tech, and even start your own business from home. This course, based around 30-day challenges, is all about learning anything you want in record time, using their "subconscious first learning" system. Course content covers six of these month-long challenges, each focusing on a different language—from JavaScript to Python.


John Thompson, founder of Spring Framework Guru, has been developing enterprise applications for almost 30 years.


in value

Spring Framework 5:
Beginner to Guru

By John Thompson

Spring Framework developers are in high demand and are getting paid top wages ($117k average according to ZipRecruiter!). You could be one of them after this course! Packed with over 50 hours of content, the course features dozens of hands-on examples, coding exercises, and quizzes. Instructor John Thompson is a former Spring Source consultant who has been developing Spring Applications for over 15 years. Level up your programming career by becoming a Spring Framework guru, too.

  • I am now a Java Software Developer and owe it to John for my success!



Daniel Elizalde, IoT Product Management coach and Stanford University teacher with 20+ years of tech experience, has trained over 1,200 product management professionals.


in value

How to Get a Job in IoT Product Management

By Daniel Elizalde

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing at lightning speed, providing an incredible opportunity for product managers. But how do qualified professionals find these opportunities and seize them? How do you know which companies are even working with IoT? This course walks you through exactly how to find a job in IoT product management. It's designed for PMs, engineers, designers, or business professionals who want to join an exciting new field exploding in demand.

  • As a highly experienced Product Manager, himself, Daniel shares practical approaches and tactics which are readily useful in the industry. Daniel is meticulous with the clarity of material. Daniel's framework helps weigh many factors that come in handy in building successful products.



Grumpy Testing Bundle

By Chris Hartjes

3 ebooks included:

1. “The Grumpy Programmer's PHPUnit Cookbook”

2. “Minimum Viable Tests” 

3. “Building Test-Driven Developers”

Chris Hartjes, AKA the “Grumpy Programmer,” splits his time working for Mozilla and building Grumpy Learning to help you test your PHP apps.

With these books, you'll learn the fundamental skills, tools, and concepts to write and conduct effective tests for your PHP code. “The Grumpy Programmer's PHPUnit Cookbook" teaches you how to use PHPUnit, the community's standard testing framework. "Minimum Viable Tests" outlines the minimum amount of information that you need to know in order to start writing tests. "Building Test-Driven Developers" teaches you the skill you will need to get your fellow programmers writing tests too.


in value


Erik Hanchett, full-stack software developer with over 10 years experience, and author of the Vue.js in Action book and Ember.js Cookbook.


in value

Create Awesome Vue.js Apps With Nuxt.js

By Erik Hanchett

When it comes to JavaScript, the tech industry has been moving towards faster, easier to use, lighter-weight frameworks that can be integrated into any project. Vue.js is the answer. It's been blowing up in popularity, with major companies like Expedia, Alibaba, and even Facebook using the framework. In this course you'll learn about Vue.js and how you can use it with Nuxt.js to create awesome interactive applications.


Client Onboarding Bundle

By Erin Flynn

4 products included:

1. Client Onboarding Ebook

2. Intro Packet Workshop 

3. Welcome Packet Workshop

4. Web Design Proposal Template

Erin Flynn, creator of Streamline Design Profit, has been building websites for 20 years and running her own web design & development company for 7.

New freelancers are often so focused on getting clients that they don't know what to do after they've closed the deal! With the Client Onboarding Bundle, it's no longer a mystery. Erin Flynn's Client Onboarding Ebook guides you through the entire onboarding process. In the Intro Packet Workshop, you'll create your own materials to distribute to clients and make sure they're a good fit. And the Proposal Template makes it easier than ever to keep winning over clients and building your business.


in value

  • After going through this course I was able to immediately create my very first intro packet. Not only has it saved me a ton of time, but my clients really appreciate getting so much information up front without needing to ask for it. It helps set expectations and get them excited from the very beginning.



Tim Moreton, founder of, is a self-taught full-time software engineer who helps other developers build real-world applications.


in value

How to Build Tinder with React Native & Firebase

By Tim Moreton

Create a finished customizable project with the same features as Tinder! In this course, you'll start with a blank project from Expo and learn to incorporate different technologies like React Native, Firebase, Facebook Login and Swipeable Cards to build your final product. It's best if you've used React and/or React Native in the past, since the course covers topics at a higher level.

  • This course is exactly what I needed to help apply and cement React concepts and also is a great guide in working with React Native/Expo.



Chris Lee, founder of RankXL, is a serial content entrepreneur and digital marketer who teaches others about SEO and how to grow high-traffic blogs.


in value

Authority SEO

By Chris Lee

Learn how to use SEO to build and grow high-traffic websites. The higher up your website is in the search results, the more business you’ll get organically! If you want to increase traffic and get leads through content marketing, this course will teach you everything from keyword research, writing and optimizing your content, and getting backlinks to increase rankings.

  • Chris has developed one of the best courses on SEO & blog building. If you want clarity of thought, step-by-step actions, and want to learn what works and what doesn't in building blogs for the longterm - I highly recommend RankXL.



Loren Stewart, a full-time software engineer at the Washington Post, also enjoys teaching workshops and writing tutorials.


in value

The Serverless Framework with Node.js & AWS

By Loren Stewart

Serverless frameworks are gaining a lot of popularity today, because they allow for services to be used as needed. In this project-based course, learn to build, debug, and deploy serverless backends using the Serverless Framework and Amazon Web Services. You will build a REST API and a web scraper, as well as a function that listens for events within AWS infrastructure.

  • Best course on serverless. Great examples and easy to follow.



Spencer Carli, lead instructor at Handlebar Labs, has taught tens of thousands of developers to learn and master React Native.


in value

Production Ready React Native

By Spencer Carli

Mobile development is an intricate process, and this is doubly true when you're targeting both iOS and Android. 

In this self-paced video course, you'll learn how to take a React Native app and make it available for the entire world to download, use, and love. You'll also learn systems, tools, and processes to improve your development experience and ensure you consistently deliver an A+ product to your users.

  • It’s the best course I've ever seen. I would recommend the course to all of my friends and colleagues within the React Native community



Mike & Nicole Clark, founders of The Pragmatic Studio, have helped thousands of developers learn, practice, and improve their craft since 2005.


in value

A Single-Page App with Vue.js and Rails

By Mike & Nicole Clark

Building a solid single-page app (or SPA) can be tricky. The frontend JavaScript and backend API need to work together in harmony, which is easier said than done! Using Vue.js on the frontend and Rails as the backend API, you can design an SPA in a pragmatic, straightforward way. In this 90-minute video course, Mike & Nicole will unpack a complete SPA layer by layer so you develop an understanding of how all the parts works together.

  • I really liked the walkthrough and clearly seeing how the two apps, frontend Vue and backend API Rails, were stuck together. It's a great course and a far more efficient approach for diving into a new topic.



Job Ready Programmer: Master Java, SQL, OOP, Data Structures & Algorithms and More

By Imtiaz Ahmad

2 career paths available:

1. Data Analyst

2. Software Development 

Imtiaz Ahmad, an award-winning instructor, has taught 25,000+ students in big data technologies and enterprise software architectures.

Are you ready to land a programming job for real? This course bundle includes the best courses on the internet for the most important software development subjects, organized into two tracks to get you job-ready in your career path of choice. There are over 87 hours of lecture-based content in addition to 500+ exercises, focusing primarily on Java, SQL, data structures and algorithms, and object-oriented programming, in addition to other topics. If you want to become a data analyst or software developer, look no further.


in value

  • I just wish I’d found this sooner as it has made learning Java incredibly easy so far. Imtiaz explains things very well, and he goes over them numerous times just to ensure that the viewer knows exactly what is going on. I’ve always had difficulty with concepts like polymorphism and LSP, finally an instructor that pulled me through!



Kyle Prinsloo, creator of, where he helps web developers become successful freelancers and create effective websites.


in value

The Complete Freelancing Bundle

By Kyle Prinsloo

You'll be a side-income expert when you're done with this bundle. This Complete Freelancing Bundle covers freelancing fundamentals, creating income streams, positioning yourself as an expert, pricing your services, getting started with blogging, optimizing your conversion rates, creating websites that work, writing proposals that close, dealing with difficult clients, using AdWords and SEO, and more.

  • Kyle's bundle is really well built and very good quality content. Helped me to change my mindset related to product, clients and personal branding overall. Totally recommended!



Introduction to Android App Development

By Gary Sims

2 courses included:

1. Introduction to Android App Development

2. Introduction to Java 

Gary Sims, tech writer for Android Authority, is a former software engineer with experience in open-source systems and more.

You can have no coding experience when you start this course, and be developing your own Android apps by the time you finish. Work at your own pace through 60 different lessons. The courses include videos as well as reams of in-depth glossaries and resources, highly detailed written tutorials and email support from Gary Sims himself.


in value

  • Lots of people know their stuff. Gary can actually explain it as well, and do it in a way that just about everyone will understand.


Total retail value:


You pay:  $239

Total savings:  $4,060

The Ultimate TECH CAREER TOOLBOX sale is over

This amazing sale is over. But sign up below so you can be notified about future Learn to Code With Me deals.

People love the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox.Here's proof. 

The bundle helped me finally find direction on where to take my coding career. I loved that it wasn’t focused on a single path—it has a variety of different resources to help guide you on your journey. Also, I was amazed at the high quality and breadth of courses, as well as the instructors.


Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

My biggest win after purchasing The Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox was being able to test out so many different languages and frameworks! It definitely has a few things for everyone.


Madrid, Spain

You need a kick to DO something and it doesn't get easier than a wide-ranging bundle of free resources that walk you through various tech world starting points.


Dallas, Texas, USA

Let's recap!

Here’s everything you get with the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox 2019.

Learn Enough Developer Fundamentals

Prepare yourself for further development education by learning three essential skills and tools every developer needs: text editors, command line, and Git. 



Freelance Developer Jumpstart

Pursue your goal of being a digital nomad or working from home with this freelancing course. Land your first client within 90 days!



Learn JavaScript - JavaScript beginners bundle

Fast-track your web development progress by mastering the core concepts of JavaScript with three different courses.



Mastering React 

Go from beginner to expert React developer with this course, and expand your career options with this highly popular and flexible skill.



Find Your Fit

Learn about ten roles, from marketing to project management, that can help you transition into tech (and discover which one is perfect for you).



Build Real World Full Stack Mobile Apps in Java

Build your own Facebook, Uber, and more with this course that walks you through popular app templates. These are skills you can use to build your own successful apps later!



Certified Web Developer Program

Become a web developer and have fun doing it—no matter what your starting point is. Start with basic coding and progress to more complex tasks.



The Advanced Beginner Challenge: Learn JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and More via 30-Day Challenges

Six 30-day challenges teach you six programming languages, AND the system you can use to learn anything fast.



Spring Framework 5: Beginner to Guru

There's a lot of demand for Spring Framework developers, and salaries to match. Go from zero to hero in this course!



How to Get a Job in IoT Product Management

Join the Internet of Things revolution as a product manager! This course walks you through how to find these jobs and make your career change.



Grumpy Testing Bundle

This bundle includes three best-selling PHP testing books, teaching you how to write your own tests for PHP code and collaborate with others.



Create Awesome Vue.js Apps With Nuxt.js

Create awesome interactive applications using Nuxt.js and Vue.js—a fast, easy to use, and lightweight JavaScript framework used at major companies.



Client Onboarding Bundle

Getting clients is half the battle—and maintaining a smooth and happy working relationship is the other. This bundle provides the templates and onboarding materials you need to get your new project off on the right foot.



How to Build Tinder with React Native & Firebase

Build your own version of Tinder by starting with a blank project
and working to incorporate different technologies for the finished product.



Authority SEO

Build and grow your own high-traffic blog with this specialized SEO course. Learn about everything from keyword research to backlinks to content marketing.



The Serverless Framework with Node.js & AWS

In this project-based course, build and deploy serverless backends with Node.js and Amazon Web Services.



Production Ready React Native

Impress users with brilliant cross-platform apps, starting with a React Native app and developing it for anyone to use.



A Single-Page App with Vue.js and Rails

Learn how to build a great single-page app with Vue.js and Rails where the frontend and backend work in complete harmony.



Job Ready Programmer: Master Java, SQL, OOP, Data Structures & Algorithms and More

Get prepped with the skills and deep learning you need to land a job as a Java or database programmer.



The Complete Freelancing Bundle

Become a side-income expert! Master freelancing fundamentals, marketing yourself effectively, building blogs and websites, and more.



Introduction to Android App Development

You can build your own Android apps...even if you have no coding experience! And this course will show you how.



Total retail value:


You pay:  $239

That’s 94% in savings!

Who’s behind the bundle?

Laurence Bradford is the creator of Learn to Code With Me. She was inspired to learn tech skills after realizing the potential they had to improve lives and careers. In the past, Laurence has worked as a product manager, teacher, and freelance developer. Now, she manages Learn to Code With Me full-time to provide others with the knowledge, resources, and opportunities they need to successfully teach themselves these valuable technical skills. 

Laurence has been featured on:

Empower others while empowering yourself

When you purchase the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox, 10% of Learn to Code With Me’s profits will be donated to AnnieCannons, a non-profit organization that helps human trafficking survivors become software professionals. 

This gives them earning power and helps them start a new life away from their abusers. Beyond simply learning technical skills, these survivors will build portfolios and work in the AnnieCannons agency to build real experience and confidence—all while being supported by resources like childcare and counseling.

It’s more than just tech training. It’s empowerment. And we’re so grateful that you’re helping this life-transforming cause with your purchase today. 

Have questions? We have answers

How it works

How do I receive the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox bundle?

After purchasing, you’ll be able to access bundle contents on our platform with an account that you set up during checkout. Inside the member area, you will get instructions on how to access each product. Please note that you may need to provide information to our contributors when accessing their online course or products, but you will not be charged anything extra on their platforms.

How does the payment plan work?

You have two payment options when you purchase the bundle: pay in full or pay in three monthly installments. If you choose the payment plan, you’ll be billed three times on the same day every month.

Will I have to pay any additional fees to access courses after I buy the bundle?

No—all courses inside the bundle will be available to you for absolutely free after you make your purchase. All bundle contributors are fully aware of this setup—we’ve been working together already for months :)

How long will I be able to access the different products online?

You will have lifetime access to every product inside the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox, as long as you redeem them within six months.

After you purchase the bundle, you’ll immediately be taken to the member area where you’ll receive special codes that you’ll use to redeem the courses from creators. You need to redeem the courses on our partner’s platforms within six months. (But we suggest you do this immediately so you don’t forget later!) Again, you’ll have lifetime access to all of the products.

What order should I go through the courses?

Ultimately, you have the freedom to go through them however you want. But if you’re not sure what you want to learn yet, we put together a resource to guide you through the courses arranged by topic and level! See it here.

Why is the sale only for 5 days?

If you were to purchase each product in the bundle individually, you’d spend thousands of dollars. Fortunately, we’ve been able to get special permission from each partner to bring you this special sale. Because it’s discounted at 94% off the actual price of the products, the deal can only last for 5 days.

Who the bundle is for

Are these courses good for absolute beginners?

The best thing about the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox is that it runs the gamut as far as levels go. It’s great for beginners and beyond! To see a full breakdown of all the courses inside the bundle, their level, and more, continue to our in-depth guide here.

Are these courses good for intermediate or advanced learners?

The bundle offers a little something for everyone. For instance, if you’ve already mastered one (or several) programming languages, the bundle is a great way to learn others you don’t know yet, or advance your skills with special frameworks and libraries. Maybe you already know React.js but would like to learn Vue.js, too. Again, you can check out our in-depth course guide to see what levels all the courses are.

Will this work for me if I live outside the United States?

Yes! These products/courses (and the information they contain) are not location-dependent.

Will this be worthwhile if I’m not sure what tech path I want to take?

Absolutely. You’ll get a chance to dip your toe into the water of plenty of different programming languages and specialties, and some courses are specifically designed to help you answer this question.

What if I’m busy and don’t have lots of time right now to go through the courses?

Perfectly fine! You have lifetime access to ALL products inside the bundle. You can buy them and redeem them now, and get to them when you get to them.

About the products

What format do the products come in?

All of the products are available digitally. Most come in the form of video, text, and PDF downloads. To see a full breakdown of the courses and their format, continue here.

How long is each course?

Every course is completely different, and they take anywhere from 90 minutes to 80+ hours. However, most are in the 2-6 hours range. To see a full breakdown of all the courses inside the bundle, continue here.

Are there subtitles/transcriptions on videos?

Again, it depends on the course. Seven of the video courses contain transcriptions, subtitles, and/or closed captions. And three other programs are entirely text and image based. For full details on accessibility options, continue to our bundle course guide.

Are certificates available?

7 courses inside the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox come with certifications. To learn more about which do, visit our in-depth course guide.

Can I access the products from my phone/tablet?

It depends on the product. However, for most, you will be able to access them from a mobile device or tablet.

Are all the courses online?

Yes. All products are electronic. You won’t receive any physical products in the mail.

Are all of these products different to the products in last year’s bundle?

The majority of the courses inside our 2019 Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox are different. To be specific, 2 out of the 33 courses offered in the entire bundle are the same as last year: (1) Create Awesome Vue.js Apps with Nuxt.js and (2) the Job Ready Programmer bundle (which has added new courses since last year).

What if...

If I don’t buy the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox bundle now, can I get it later?

No—when the sale is over, it’s over. This is such a unique and valuable promotion that we unfortunately can’t keep it open forever. You only have until Saturday, May 4th at midnight ET to get this deal.

What if I already own one of the products in the bundle?

You’ll still get all of the other awesome resources, plus the newest copy of the product you already have!

Can I buy just one of the products?

When you get the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox, you get all 33 products for just $239. There is no picking and choosing in that sense. However, it’s certainly your choice whether or not to go through all the programs.

What if I need help/support while going through the course(s)?

For most of the courses, the creators will have an email address (or another method of communication) that you can use to contact them. If possible, please get in touch directly with the creator if you have a question specific to the content in their course.

7 courses have additional support resources such as private Facebook groups, Slack channels, and other methods of support. Learn more here.

If you have questions or need support in relation to the bundle (e.g. signing up for programs, logging into your Learn To Code With Me account, etc.) please contact us at

What is your refund policy?

We have a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days, no questions asked. Just shoot us a note and we’ll get you a refund.

I have a question that wasn’t answered above. What should I do?

You can contact us via live chat or email by clicking the message icon at the lower right-hand side of the page. Alternatively, you can send an email to Just remember that because it is a time-sensitive offer, if you send us an email a few hours before the deal ends, we may not be able to respond in time. So please ask us your questions before the deadline gets close :)

The Ultimate TECH CAREER TOOLBOX sale is over

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Your satisfaction is guaranteed

If for whatever reason you don’t love the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox, let us know within 30 days and we’ll give you your money back. We want you to feel 100% confident that this is the right set of courses and resources for you to take your tech game to the next level. 

If you have any questions about the bundle, email us at

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