Tech Toolbox 2019: Jumpstart Your Freelance Developer Career with Hahna Kane Latonick

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We often have people on the podcast who have done a career pivot into tech. But Hahna Kane Latonick has a different kind of pivot story, because she’s been in tech all along.

She first learned web design and web development in high school, then pursued a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Computer Engineering, then worked for several companies developing software solutions for over a decade.

But at a certain point, Hahna was facing burnout and had to take a break from the industry. She became interested in entrepreneurship and decided to lead a startup teaching kids how to code while freelancing on the side. That’s when she fell in love with the freedom of freelancing, and hasn’t looked back to the corporate world since.

Working in a coffee shop

The main challenges of freelancing are finding clients (especially your first client), learning how to market yourself and how to price your services, and feeling confident going into business on your own. It all takes a lot of patience and trial and error—but you’ll have less trial and error to do yourself if you glean the wisdom of those who came before!

Hahna’s Freelance Developer Jumpstart course in the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox is designed to help you do just that and land your first client in 90 days, fast-tracking you to freelance success.

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Listen to more of Hahna’s story about how she paid off her debt with freelancing, got inspired to pursue teaching, and more in this special episode!

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