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How to Open The Command Line (Terminal) on Your Computer

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In my last post I talked about the uses of the command line. And why, in order to ever be taken seriously, a programmer has to learn how to use the CLI.

Now I will show how to open up the terminal (AKA the command line interface) on a Mac OS X.

Obviously, the first step using the command line is knowing how to find it on your computer.

I created a helpful infographic (as seen below) with images showing how to open the command line on a Mac OS X computer.

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An Introduction to the Terrifying Command Line

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Oh, the dreaded command line. Before I even knew the name I hated it.

I remember as a little girl seeing my father type away in the interface whenever my computer was acting broken. It was as if he was in some matrix like world. But within a few short minutes my computer was always better.

So whatever he typed in worked.

Today, years later, I still despise it. But I am going to have to force myself to love it.

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Learning Python The Hard Way (Because There is No Other Way)

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Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with learning how to code.

Actually, most of the time it’s hard.

Especially when life gets busy. Which is unavoidable. Over this weekend I had some stuff to do that prevented me from really sitting down for a long period of time and learning Python.

Weekend Recap

On Friday I met with a woman in my area who is putting together a tech camp for the summer.

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The “Programming Virgin” Course with Code Babes

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Code Babes is basically hot chicks teaching you how to program.

I’ll let them explain it …

I must say—interesting idea: using sexuality to motivate people to learn to how to code. Given how the women are highly sexualized, I assume it’s targeted towards men… But do these YouTube videos and associated quizzes actually teach you anything?

The Programming Virgin Course with Code Babes

So I decided to take the Code Babes Programming Virgin Course which teachings programming fundamentals with JavaScript.

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How To Install Python

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When it comes to learning a new language, one of the last thing one wants to worry about is downloading it to their machine.

That’s a reason why online programs like Codecademy are great—because they allow you to write code and see the output right on the website. At the same time, online tutorials as such don’t exactly provide the best real-world environments. That’s why I think it’s beneficial to install Python on your device and learn in a real way.

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