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Can You Learn Python With Udacity? A Review

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About a year ago, when I decided I was going to teach myself how to code, the first course I jumped into was on Udacity’s website.

It was an Intro to CS course. And I gave up halfway through lesson 2 after feeling hopelessly lost. I felt out of place when I turned to the message boards. Like all the people in discussion knew what was going on. But I didn’t.

There were others that were on the boards,

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Learn Python The Hard Way: What the (bleep) is going on in Lesson 17?

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I’ve been trekking along in Learn Python The Hard Way book. It’s been going pretty well. I try to dedicate at least 15 minutes a day (but ideally an hour) to learning. I just try to get some practice in on the regular.

Anyways, I’m beginning to get confused. I’m on lesson 17 (there are 52 lessons in total) and I am having issues understanding what is going on.

To be honest, I guess my confusion began back in lesson 15 or 16.

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How to Open The Command Line (Terminal) on Your Computer

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In my last post I talked about the uses of the command line. And why, in order to ever be taken seriously, a programmer has to learn how to use the CLI.

Now I will show how to open up the terminal (AKA the command line interface) on a Mac OS X.

Obviously, the first step using the command line is knowing how to find it on your computer.

I created a helpful infographic (as seen below) with images showing how to open the command line on a Mac OS X computer.

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An Introduction to the Terrifying Command Line

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Oh, the dreaded command line. Before I even knew the name I hated it.

I remember as a little girl seeing my father type away in the interface whenever my computer was acting broken. It was as if he was in some matrix like world. But within a few short minutes my computer was always better.

So whatever he typed in worked.

Today, years later, I still despise it. But I am going to have to force myself to love it.

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Learning Python The Hard Way (Because There is No Other Way)

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Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with learning how to code.

Actually, most of the time it’s hard.

Especially when life gets busy. Which is unavoidable. Over this weekend I had some stuff to do that prevented me from really sitting down for a long period of time and learning Python.

Weekend Recap

On Friday I met with a woman in my area who is putting together a tech camp for the summer.

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