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S2E18: Online Entrepreneur to Fullstack Developer with Anthony Delgado

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In today's episode of the Learn to Code With Me podcast, I talk with Anthony Delgado. Anthony started his career as an online entrepreneur and taught himself how to code on the job. Throughout his different positions, he developed a desire for creating new things. He now works as at websignia, a digital innovation agency.

In our conversation, Anthony describes his extended learning process. Many of his skills emerged out of necessity. As projects landed in front of him, he taught himself how to solve each problem. Eventually, his passion for learning opened up new opportunities and led him to where he is today.

The lessons Anthony learned on his journey into tech are valuable. He speaks about his experiences in bootcamp and at hackathons. He stresses the importance of meeting new people and stepping outside your comfort zone. For those of you who love new tech, you'll appreciate his enthusiasm for his favorite tech tools. Ultimately, you will be motivated by Anthony's success in achieving his goals.

Key takeaways:

  • Learning out of necessity is a good way to pick up new skills. Don't be intimidated by a problem. Figure out the solution.
  • If your website is image or video heavy, run a CDN. You will optimize your site's performance and create a better user experience overall.
  • If you're a developer and you want to create cool things, check out Twilio's tech.
  • Networking with people and trying new things is important. You'll find new opportunities in unexpected places if you keep your eyes open.
  • Don't let imposter syndrome scare you. Everybody struggles. Working with and helping people helps you get better too.
  • To increase your skills, grow confidence, and build new things, go to hackathons.

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