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S2E17: Getting an MBA as a Front End Developer with Sarah Tan

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In today's episode of the Learn to Code With Me podcast, I talk with Sarah Tan. Sarah holds Master's Degrees in both Linguistics and Digital Media. With a background in higher education, politics, web development, and a recent MBA, her story appeals to everyone.

Sarah began her journey in tech working at the student help center in college. After learning to code, she got a job at Harvard as a web developer. Harvard's continuing education program for employees allowed her to earn a second Master's Degree. She transitioned to a digital agency and also began freelance consulting. More recently, she chose to go back to school and get an MBA.

In our conversation, Sarah discusses the motivation behind her decision to return to school. We also hear about her internship at Google and her projects at MIT and Salesforce. She offers unique insight into the benefits of networking and how to find the best career path. Overall, Sarah's experience reminds us that being open to new opportunities and keeping your eyes open can lead to great success.

Key takeaways:

  • When you're changing careers within a company, you have the benefit of personal connections. You may not need to take extreme steps in order to qualify for the job you want.
  • Getting an MBA requires a big investment in time and resources. Make sure it's necessary for the career path you've set for yourself.
  • Having a personal network is important. Who you know makes a big difference in what opportunities are available to you.
  • The culture of a sales team is much different than a tech team. Find out what type of environment makes you most productive and seek it out.
  • You can apply a lot of the same logic from tech skills to a variety of different projects and career paths.
  • Being the sole tech person on a team can feel isolating. You can do great work by having a team of developers to learn from and develop with.

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