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Web Development, JavaScript and Building an Online Presence with Wes Bos (S6E4)

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Not many people can claim they’ve been a web developer since age 15, but Wes Bos can.

He grew up with ready access to tech—there was always a computer in the house, with fast internet since his dad worked in computing. Combined with his natural curiosity about technology, it was a potent environment for learning, so he started teaching himself to code and build websites early on.

By the time Wes was in college, he was already starting to freelance. Instead of studying a raw technical field in school, he studied Business Technology Management, which focused more on managerial and business elements of technology projects.

Post-graduation, he worked at several small tech companies while running a freelance consulting business. His journey then took him to blogging and YouTube, and he got a grant from the government to set up a web development business. Now, Wes builds and sells web dev training courses full time, helping others learn JavaScript skills and more.


In this episode, Wes talks about why he decided to focus on coding with JavaScript, why it’s important for your projects to look good (as well as function well under the hood), how to grow your audience if you want to make a name for yourself online, and more.

Listen below!

Key Takeaways

  • If you can do something unique while you’re in school, like Wes with his freelancing, you’ll be able to hit the ground running when you graduate.
  • While building and selling courses might look as easy as throwing on a screen recorder, it takes months and months of work and you need to be truly passionate about it.
  • Rather than creating things you think will sell well, start building things that will help people’s pain points and solve their problems.
  • See a coding language or other tech skill gaining traction and becoming more popular? Consider pivoting to learn it—it might blow up and you’ll be ahead of the game.
  • It can be difficult to learn JavaScript, but it’s worth it.

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