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How a Stay-At-Home Mom Landed a Remote Junior Developer Position (In Just 9 Months) With Christina Gorton (S6E12)

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Remote tech roles are some of the best jobs for stay-at-home moms and dads, but how do you find the time to learn to code when you have kids?

Christina GortonChristina Gorton was a stay-at-home mom for five years before she became interested in tech. She and her husband wanted to find ways to work from home with their kids, so they decided to learn to code from home. Christina managed to level up her skills and land a job as a remote junior developer in just nine months. 

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In this episode, Christina talks about finding the time to learn to code and how to find jobs for stay-at-home moms, what it’s like working remotely, and why she’s drawn to creative coding.

Key Takeaways

  • It can be hard to stay motivated, but keep going because it’ll be worth it in the end! The trick is to appreciate the small wins, like when you complete a project or someone shares your work.
  • Don't be worried if your progress is slow, especially if you’re a parent or you have other commitments like a full-time job. Every little bit counts and every minute you spend adds up.
  • If you’re looking for a remote job, make sure the company you're applying to work for is willing to communicate really well with you and be okay with you asking lots of questions. (And don't be afraid to ask them!)
  • Find a community so you can ask for help, share your projects, and meet new people. Working in tech can be lonely, especially when you work remotely, so finding a great community helps.
Christina Gorton discusses tech jobs for stay-at-home moms

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