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S3E7: Coding Daily Through #100daysofcode with Alexander Kallaway

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In today’s episode of the Learn to Code With Me podcast, I talk with Alexander Kallaway. Alexander is a frontend web developer, the creator of the #100DaysOfCode movement, and a Free Code Camp community leader.

Alexander was introduced to coding at school, but he thought developer jobs would be boring and so didn’t do anything with what he’d learned. After studying business administration at college, he worked as a digital marketing coordinator. Through his work, he saw how exciting development work could be. He then started teaching himself to code.

In our conversation, Alexander explains why he doesn’t recommend relying on tutorials when learning to code. He tells us what the #100DaysOfCode challenge is and why he started it. By talking about his involvement in Free Code Camp, he also reminds us of the importance of surrounding yourself with people who can help you.

Key takeaways:

  • Don’t hold yourself back by obsessing over which language to learn. JavaScript is a good choice because it has so many use cases.
  • Take advantage of free and cheap resources before investing time and money in a bootcamp.
  • If you do decide to do a bootcamp, speak to graduates about their experiences and find out what they’re doing now.
  • Don’t rely on pre-made tutorials; build your own projects. This way, you’ll learn how to handle unexpected problems and you’ll build up a portfolio to show to potential employers.
  • Don’t worry if you feel like you can’t do this; everyone feels that way at some point. Just work through it or get support.
  • Don’t be scared to go to meetups. There are plenty of beginner-friendly ones.

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