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How One Airport Security Officer Became an IT Solutions Specialist With Samit Saini (S6E5)

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When Samit Saini was a kid, his dad would take him to London Heathrow airport to see the planes and watch them take off—not knowing he was inspiring his son’s future career path.

Samit SainiSamit was hooked and knew he wanted to work at the airport one day. That day came sooner rather than later, when he left school at 16 and started a job as a security guard.

He spent 13 years at that airport, which in turn led him to an interest in technology when he got an opportunity for a customer service apprenticeship there. As he learned about the various programs used throughout the airport, one in particular caught his attention: Microsoft PowerApps.

Using the low-code application, Samit learned to build an app in 5 minutes, and it lit a new fire for him. He built an app to digitize Heathrow’s paper-based processes, got more involved in the tech side of his department, and eventually became the IT Solutions Specialist training other departments on PowerApps. Recently, Samit got invited to speak at Microsoft Inspire conference in front of 18,000 people and met the CEO of Microsoft.


In today’s episode, Samit talks about his jump from security to IT solutions, why making internal career moves can be the perfect transition step, his experiences learning tech skills while dyslexic, and more.

Listen below!

Key takeaways

  • If you want to make an internal career move, take initiative; find opportunities to make things better or more efficient, and create the solution.
  • People lack self-belief and don’t want to take the risk of trying something new. But it doesn't matter what age you are, what you know, or what your background is—you can learn something new and be really good at it.
  • If you have dyslexia or something similar and want to learn something new, research it online to find tools you can use and chat with others who have done the same. There will probably be accessible ways that will help you learn!

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