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How One Podcast Listener Became a Junior Dev (Without a College Degree) with Jesse Moore (S6E1)

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Are you interested in learning how to get hired as a junior developer… but you have no college degree, no industry network, and few opportunities where you live?

Jesse MooreJesse Moore was in the same boat. He was working a handful of boring jobs, feeling uninspired, and wondering what was next for him. The silver lining was that his jobs gave him plenty of time to listen to podcasts as he worked—and that’s when he discovered the Learn to Code With Me podcast.

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It didn’t take Jesse long to decide that he wanted to become a programmer. He had studied audio engineering in school and worked at a radio station for a while, and tech felt like a natural fit. Over the next year, he dove into Udemy, Lynda, and Codecademy, pushing through setbacks along the way.

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Living in a small town in Montana meant that opportunities for networking or tech-job-hunting weren’t plentiful, but Jesse’s lucky break came when he befriended a full-stack software engineer who worked remotely. They volunteered at the same youth program, and one day after work, his new friend offered him a tech internship. Jesse’s hard work and passion ultimately turned that internship into a job offer: he’s a full-time junior developer with the company today.

In this episode, you’ll learn more about Jesse’s story, how to deal with failure and feeling stuck, the key to successful networking, and more. Listen below.

“I’m so thankful,” Jesse concludes. “I have a great career and I get to live in the most beautiful place in the country. I doubted the journey so many times during the learning and networking process…but with persistence, inspiration, and hard work…it really paid off.”

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