Celebrating 100 Episodes of the LTCWM Podcast With Host Laurence Bradford

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I can hardly believe it’s been five years since I started Learn to Code With Me and three years since I started the podcast. In that time, I’ve recorded and published one hundred episodes – an achievement I celebrate in this special anniversary episode.

For this interview, I’m joined by my friend and former colleague Jess Catorc… except instead of me interviewing her, this time she interviews me.

If you’ve ever been curious to know more about me or Learn to Code With Me itself, this episode is for you.

I talk about how I started my career in an unrelated field, why I began learning to code, why I started Learn to Code With Me, my experiences with freelancing and working a full-time tech job, and so much more.

Listen to the episode below.

Note: This version of our conversation is around 45 minutes long, but the original full, unedited version is 83 minutes long. If you’d like to hear the whole interview, head over to Patreon and sign up as a backer.  

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