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S4E5: How to Get Started in Data Analytics With Ben Collins

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Ben Collins is a spreadsheet developer, data consultant, and data analytics instructor. He blogs and creates courses at BenLCollins.com, focusing on how to work with data using Google Sheets, Apps Script, and Data Studio.

Ben has taught workshops on data analysis, as well as doing freelance and consulting work. Prior to striking out on his own, he spent seven years as a forensic accountant focusing on data analysis.

In this episode, we talk about what a data analyst does, how Ben taught himself how to code, why demand is high for data professionals right now, the tools a data analyst uses, and the first steps to take if you want to get started in the field.

I love Ben's work and I actually turn to his videos whenever I'm trying to figure something out in Google Sheets at my full-time job. So needless to say, I’m super excited that he's put together a special offer for Learn to Code With Me listeners.

If you want to step up your spreadsheet game, you can get 20% off his Google Sheets Training Bundle using my affiliate/commission link at LearntoCodeWith.Me/sheets. Going through this link will automatically apply the 20% discount on this course and send a few bucks my way at no extra cost to you. Thanks!

Key takeaways:

  • Data analysis boils down to one key job: to take a massive amount of information and gain valuable insights from it.
  • Data science and analysis positions are often the hardest for a company to fill. Demand has exploded and supply hasn't caught up yet.
  • To get started in data, begin with the fundamentals in Excel and Google Sheets and see what interests you.
  • There are different specializations within data science. If you like design, you can focus more on data visualization. If you prefer hard coding, specialize in analytics.
  • Specializing can be a successful way to get clients, because you become known for that one thing.

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