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Falling into a Career in FinTech and Content Marketing With Ina Yulo (S6E16)

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More and more people are using technology to manage their money these days, and it’s led to a boom in FinTech — a mashup term of “finance” and “technology.”

FinTech companies could include stock trading apps, online-only banks, income and spending analyzers, money transfer apps, and so on.

Ina YuloIna Yulo’s studies and career started with more of a passion for words than numbers. Born and raised in the Philippines, she speaks four languages fluently. She did her undergrad in communication arts, added a second degree in European Studies, then earned her master’s in Marketing Management and moved to London to work in advertising.

She fell into tech out of accident and necessity, when she realized the only well-paying marketing job opportunities were at tech companies. She started managing an IT community at BrightTALK, working on topics from business intelligence to big data. Then she heard of something new—FinTech—and put together a business plan to pitch to senior management.

That pitch led directly to where Ina is today: the global manager for BrightTALK’s FinTech and financial services community (plus their women in business community, which she also founded). She knows the kind of content that people in FinTech and financial services want, the trends in the industry, and the job landscape, and she’s here to share that expertise with us.

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In this episode, Ina talks about current innovations in FinTech, what kinds of jobs are available and what level of tech skills you might need, and her advice for startup founders and women in business.

Key takeaways:

  • Not being able to find the exact kind of work you initially had in mind can be a good thing. Sometimes you fall into a particular job or industry that you never considered, but end up thriving in
  • If you spot an opportunity to take on a new initiative in your current role, don’t be afraid to pitch it to your boss
  • New FinTech companies are changing the way traditional banks do things, making services better for users and empowering them to manage their own finances
  • When you start a business, it’s important to know who your target audience is and make sure your product aligns with that
  • If you have an idea for a business or product, explain it to your friends and family, particularly those who fit your target audience, and see what they think.
  • The worst thing someone can say is no, and if they do, you can go find someone who will say yes. If you can’t find someone who will say yes, that’s the time to revisit your idea. It’s better to find out that something’s not going to work sooner rather than later
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