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Using AI for Coding: Everything You Need To Know

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Much like flying cars and teleportation machines, the idea of AI has always been synonymous with the future.

But unlike the first two examples, AI exists right now, bringing futuristic technology into the present day, and it’s shaking up industries in ways we never thought possible.

From art to music to writing, artificial intelligence is touching areas that historically have been reserved for the creative spirit of humanity.

Building things with code falls under a similar umbrella—so what about AI for coding?

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A Beginner’s Introduction to Data Analysis

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Did you know that data science and analysis positions are often the hardest ones for a company to fill?

Thanks to exploding demand for data professionals, there are a ton of open data analyst jobs, and not enough candidates to fill them.

Translation? Data analysis is an exciting field to get into and the career prospects are amazing. 👀

Now, just to clear up a common misconception right off the bat: you don’t need to be a math/computer science/coding whiz to learn data analysis or land a job.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Backend Development (2024 Guide)

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Backend development (also stylized as back-end or back end development) is the skill that powers the web.

Yet it does it modestly, without fanfare—allowing people to browse their favorite sites without even knowing about all the work put in by the backend developer or team.

So to help dispel this mystery… what is backend development?

How do backend technologies work? What job does a back-end developer perform? What are some back end developer languages and backend tools?

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100+ Coding Gifts for Developers, Programmers, and Techies

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Buying coding gifts for a programmer, computer engineer, or other sub-category of “computer geek,” can feel overwhelming. When you’re not in the industry yourself, how do you know which tech gifts to buy? 🤔

There are so many awesome computer science gifts, but that only makes it harder to narrow it down and pick the right programmer gifts for tech lovers in your life!

That’s why I created this roundup of top coding gifts to make it a little easier to find the best gifts for coders of all ages,

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What Is a Data Engineer? Typical Data Engineer Roles and Responsibilities

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What is a data engineer and what does a data engineer do, exactly?

The short version is that data engineers work with other “big data” professionals (data scientists, data analysts, etc.) to enable huge amounts of data to be turned into actionable insights.

Data engineer roles and responsibilities revolve around designing and building systems that help other teams glean valuable insights from data.

Without them,

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