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Any Recommended Learning Tools for Graphic Designers?


“I have a BFA in graphic design and graduated 3 years ago with an Associate’s in Web Development.

I have worked in the graphic design field as a freelancer for about 5 years, but now want to switch over to web development or design.

I am not that comfortable with the skills I have but want to get back into studying coding by myself – are there any books, sites, etc., you would recommend to fully comprehend the languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc)?”


Hey Shanthi,

It sounds like you already have some skills that can be put into use, given your background in graphic design.

However, to answer your question, here are some of my favorite HTML, CSS and JavaScript resources as well as online learning platforms:

  1. Code School: They have great courses on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. (Several courses to choose from on each topic, even!)
  2. Lynda: I mention Lynda because not only do they have web development classes, they also have a ton of courses on web design. Seeing that you have a background in design, this may be something more up your alley. Click here to get a free week at
  3. CSS-Tricks: This is an amazing, comprehensive blog about…you guessed it, CSS! CSS-Tricks is completely free to read. However, they also have a members-only area ($) which has more tutorials and even videos.
  4. Tuts+: I always find myself on a Tuts+ article whenever researching how to do something with HTML, CSS or JavaScript. At the time of writing, they have nearly 20,000 tutorials on their site! Similar to CSS-Tricks, they also have a members only area. Continue here to learn more about their pricing.
  5. JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual: Here’s the only book I’m mentioning. I am personally not a book person, but I know some people learn much better from books than from videos or interactive learning. And I have heard many great things about this one. Click here to buy it on Amazon.

Another option you may want to consider is a more comprehensive, in-depth, course—like an online coding bootcamp. Check out this recent article I wrote, which covers eight of them in-depth. Out of the eight I talk about, look into Bloc, Thinkful, Skillcrush, and Designlab.

Designlab, as the name suggests, is more about design rather than development. But this may be something that interests you since you are coming from a design background. They have courses that cover user experience, branding, and more. (And from the people I have spoken with who have done Designlab courses, they really enjoyed it!)


Hope this helps!

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