Become a Web Development Ninja with Code School

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I’ve dabbled in a lot of online coding platforms, but never Code School until recently. My first impression of Code School? It’s a lot like Team Treehouse.

In this article I’ll talk about some of my thoughts on Code School’s classes and interface. Then, at the end, I’ll compare it to the learning experience at Treehouse.

Topics Taught on Code School

About 95% of Code School’s offerings relate to web development directly.

Topics taught include:

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5 Ways to Get Your First Web Design Client

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What are two things basically every person in the world wants more of?

Money and flexibility.

It’s painfully obvious. But not until peering over my recent survey results (which you can still take, by the way) did it become loud and clear. Everyone wants these two things.

Well, I am happy to say that I am listening.

And as a result have a guest post by Ray DelVecchio on getting your first client as a web designer / developer.

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3 Simple Ways to Improve User Experience On Your Site

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If you mange your own website (or create ones for clients) and ignore user experience (UX), you’re making a huge mistake.

When I first built this very site, that’s what I did: I ignored UX. I didn’t take any consideration of the people that would be using my site. I only thought about what I wanted.

Fortunately, as I rebuild Learn to Code With Me, this is no longer the case.

When it comes to design,

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Inspirational Advice from a Software Engineer

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Have you ever felt not good enough while learning how to code? If yes, then this article is for you.

Below Frances Advincula, a software engineer at nousDECOR, offers inspirational advice to those starting out in the programming world as well as to fellow women in the industry.

Frances’ Background in Computer Science

Frances is originally from the Philippines. She lived there till she was nine years old, when she relocated to the US with her family.

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SEO and Why You Should Learn It (Even as a Developer)

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Over the past several years SEO has turned into a major buzzword. But as a web developer or designer, why bother learning it? That’s for the marketing team to handle, anyways … right?

Think again. Because knowing SEO best practices can have multiple benefits. For instance, being able to drive more traffic to your own site, whether a blog or portfolio. Or, in the eyes of clients and hiring managers, it could make you more employable.

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