How To Kill At Finding Jobs on Craigslist

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Every job I have had after college (that I sought out and applied for), I found on Craigslist:

  • My summer job at Education First (EF), where I worked with international students.
  • My other summer job where I worked in downtown Boston taking cover charge at a nightlife venue (ugh, don’t remind me).
  • My first job putting my newly found HTML and CSS skills into use.
  • My copywriting contracting job.

Craigslist isn’t just for finding roommates or selling odd ends.

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Want To Create A Blog, But Don’t Know Where To Start? Read This.

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Do you ever think about starting your own blog, but either hate the thought of writing or feel totally overwhelmed when beginning to plan?

If yes, then you’re going to love my discussion with Kayla Matthews, creator of the blogs Productivity Theory and Productivity Bytes.

Below Kayla shares advice for newbies getting started with blogging and tools to use to make the process easier.

Kayla’s Background Is Not In Writing


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10 Warning Signs That You Should Turn Down That Project

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Have you ever had a consulting, freelance or contract project that went sour?

I considered myself lucky to never have… That is, until recently.

Over these past few weeks I’ve been involved in a not-so-happy freelancing story. And I would like to share it with you.

Frequent readers of Learn to Code With Me know that I like to keep content on my site motivating, helpful and constructive.

Sure, I’ve taken online courses or purchased code-related software in the past I didn’t enjoy.

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How to Get Your Site Online For Free With Github Pages

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“I’ve been doing Codecademy and other tutorials for some time now. But how do I get my site online?”

This is a question I have been asked multiple times these past few months.

I know how tough “getting a site online” can be for beginners. Especially for those who just finished a basic HTML/CSS course and are dying to get their work online.

That’s why I created a quick step-by-step guide showing how to get your site online using Github Pages.

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Become a Web Development Ninja with Code School

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I’ve dabbled in a lot of online coding platforms, but never Code School until recently. My first impression of Code School? It’s a lot like Team Treehouse.

In this article I’ll talk about some of my thoughts on Code School’s classes and interface. Then, at the end, I’ll compare it to the learning experience at Treehouse.

Topics Taught on Code School

About 95% of Code School’s offerings relate to web development directly.

Topics taught include:

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