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Why Having an Online Presence Matters in Your Job Search

Your parents and grandparents have probably told you stories of how they got jobs by putting on a suit and walking into an office with a resume. That’s not the…

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7 Superpowers Startup Founders Gain From Learning How to Code

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When you understand what goes into building a website, web app, or mobile app you can be a better startup founder.

Knowing how technology works—specifically how to code—gives you a better understanding of features that can be added to the product, how to set realistic timelines, how to be a better communicator with technical team members, and more.

Below guest writer Kevin Kononenko shares seven ways startup founders are better leaders when they know at least a little code.

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How to get people to pay attention to your blog (4-part guide)

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Starting a blog has many benefits for your professional life. For one, it positions you as an expert on that given topic. It can also help you gain exposure in your field, and perhaps even land a new job.

But one thing many people struggle with when first starting out, or even a few years in, is getting readers to come to their blog.

After finally getting it right with, I decided to create a four-part guide showing how to attract first-time visitors to your site when starting out.

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6 surprising soft skills developers use every day

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If you want a new career as a web developer, it involves more than just knowing how to code.

There are certain universal soft skills that are desirable in almost every industry—technology included.

Below guest writer William Kennedy, from New to Code, shares six non-technical skills that have helped him be a better software developer. These are skills that don’t involve coding, but will make you a more proficient developer as well as team mate.

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