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The Top 9 WordPress Resources You Should Be Using In 2017

If you're learning to code, it's probably just a matter of time until you'll need to get to grips with WordPress. But there's no need to go it alone. In…

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7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Learn to Code Alone

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It’s never been easier to teach yourself to code.

But learning to code can be hard, and learning to code alone can make it even harder. In this special sponsored post Avi Flombaum, Dean at Flatiron School, shares seven reasons you shouldn’t learn to code on your own.

Here’s Avi!

I taught myself to code. I started when I was 11 years old by hacking my own computer games to make them harder and reading every programming book I could get my hands on.

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How to Design Your Website for a Global Audience

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Building websites for a global audience is a necessity in 2016 and beyond.

But the reality is that many are not doing it. In this special post, guest writer Christina Comben explains the importance of creating a website with localization in mind. She also shares how you can take advantage of localization in five simple ways.

Take it away, Christina!

If you’re just setting out to design your website,

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5 Things Every Code Newbie Needs To Know

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If learning how to code were easy, everyone would be doing it.

But the reality is that learning how to code is continuously filled with ups and downs. In this special sponsored post Avi Flombaum, Dean at Flatiron School, shares five truths every code newbie needs to know.

Take it away, Avi!

We’ve had over 700 students go through our program at Flatiron School, so as the Dean and instructor,

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Want to be a Developer? Forget What You Learned in School

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If you’re feeling stuck in a coding rut, consider this: traditional schooling may not have adequately prepared you for the world of software development.

Below guest writer Ken Mazaika, the CTO and Co-founder at The Firehose Project, describes how schooling fails to prepare us for what it takes to become a developer. Because, unlike in school, failing and cheating are okay in the world of programming. So is never knowing it all, and instead focusing on big picture concepts rather than the intricacies.

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