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How To Get Your First Freelance Coding Client

Finding your first freelance coding clients can be a challenge. Without referrals, testimonials or a portfolio of client work behind you, getting your first freelance coding client can be daunting.…

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How To Push Through A Coding Rut And Begin Loving Learning Again

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Sooner or later, every coder gets stuck in a rut.

Whether it’s losing focus and enthusiasm or feeling like you’ve hit a ceiling in your career, getting out of those ruts can be a real challenge. In this special guest post, Leah Brunetto shares her advice on learning to love coding again and the steps you can take to reignite your desire to learn and make progress.

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What does it take to learn coding skills consistently?

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How To Find A Coding Mentor

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Learning to code can be lonely, so having a good coding mentor can make a world of difference.

In this special guest post, Alec McGuffey from RookieUp tells us everything you need to know about finding a great mentor, no matter where you are in your coding career.

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Whether you’re just starting to learn to program for the first time or you’ve been working as a developer for years,

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Why Web Developers Should Learn Digital Marketing

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Learning non-tech skills can drastically improve your prospects as a developer.

Few non-tech skills are more useful to businesses than digital marketing, especially when paired with web development skills. In this guest post, Kyle Prinsloo from Study Web Development gives you the lowdown on exactly why web developers should consider levelling up their digital marketing skills.

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How does web development relate to digital marketing?

Short answer: it doesn’t,

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7 Ways Web Developers Work With UX Designers

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Learning to work with people in other disciplines is essential to getting ahead in your tech career.

The world is fast coming to realize the importance of user experience (UX) design, with developers and UX designers expected to work together to produce the best possible results. In this week’s special guest post, Claire Rackstraw from CareerFoundry dives into the different ways web developers work with UX designers.

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If you’re thinking about learning to code,

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