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Learning with One Month

Quick Description

One Month is an online course platform which largely features technology-based courses. It focuses on accelerated learning techniques that put the students first.

Instead of training people for job placement and artificially limiting classes to only accept people who would likely get jobs anyway, they focus on skills that people need to actually build their own products and companies.

It’s ideal for people with an entrepreneurial streak who want to gain practical skills and use them to build things.

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Topics Taught

Ruby on Rails






Course price

There are two payment plans that both have unlimited access to One Month’s Learning Library.:

  1. Individual plans (1 person): $26.10/month OR $269.10 billed annually.
  2. Team plans (2-5 people): $89.10/month OR $891 billed annually.

Pros and Cons


  • With over 25,000 students, One Month says that completion rates are between 2x and 3x higher than other MOOCs.
  • It's the “scaffolding” approach – so you're learning enough to get by while building a real app quickly.


What past students think

Todd STodd Squitieri



  1. The lessons are manageable and you will be well prepared for the challenges that the instructor gives you.
  2. The instructor has a soothing voice which makes the videos easy to listen to
  3. Good customer service. Any questions get answered pretty quickly.


  1. You don’t get much experience outside of developing one particular type of website.
  2. Sometimes it’s hard to go from the tutorial to the real world of coding websites if you don’t have actual projects to do. The knowledge you gain can quickly be lost if you don’t use it. It would be great if One Month could have some type of a program to set people up with some community service work whereby students are forced to apply their skills to real world issues and use what they’ve got.
  3. There’s no real sense of community. You graduate and that’s it. You don’t stay in touch with any of the instructors or people who are taking the course. You are once again alone to figure things out.

Recommended for:

I would recommend this program for people who have definite projects that they would like to do. I would also recommend this program for people who can use multiple learning platforms at the same time. One Month is a nice supplement, but not necessarily the main resource that you want to draw from.


One Month is a great choice for project-focused entrepreneurs who want practical knowledge to help them build things and don’t cut corners. Casual learners should seek out a more laid-back or “fun” learning platform.

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