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Quick Description

Code College offers several frontend web design courses as well as a few more comprehensive courses on web development. The site doesn’t offer a huge variety of courses like some of the larger platforms out there, but students say the material is well crafted and Code College focuses on getting you up and running quickly.

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Topics Taught

Web Design

Web Development

WordPress Themes with Bootstrap


WordPress Plugins

Angular JS


PHP Basics

Web Hosting


How much Code College costsThere are a few different options for pricing and even some discounts to be taken advantage of right now. Here’s the breakdown:

Code College is offering 25% off their monthly subscription, it’s normally $34 per month, but with the discount it’s now $25.50 per month. Go here to check it out.

The flagship course at Code College – The Ultimate Web Designer & Developer Course – which is normally a $297 one-time-fee, is also on offer at 25% off, making it $222.75. You can access that here.

Additionally, you can buy courses a la carte style at an average of around $80 per course, which really makes the monthly subscription a steal for dedicated learners.

Pros and Cons


  • The monthly subscription price is a great deal if you want to go through the material quickly
  • Brad Hussey, your primary teacher, has 130,000+ students on Udemy and the reviews for his courses are always 5 stars
  • Material is geared towards getting students up and running quickly


  • Some beginners may feel that courses move too fast and that they had to use the pause button a lot

What Past Students Think

John MorrisJohn_Morris



  • The material is complete, explained well, and presented in an engaging way
  • The video quality is very good
  • The lessons are sequenced well, and concise enough for bite sized learning


  • Some of the more advanced topics like animations, transformations, and iframes are not covered in the course Build a Website from scratch with HTML & CSS
  • The courses can move pretty fast, but there is always the pause button
  • The tutorials are all done on Mac

Recommended for:

For beginners that want a really fast learning path to ramp up with HTML and CSS, Build a Website from scratch with HTML & CSS is a really good option. Additionally, it’s also good for self-taught developers that might have holes in their learning.


Code College’s primary instructor Brad Hussey has a great reputation for making high-quality video courses that students love. If the course catalogue on Code College interest you, the monthly subscription is a great deal.