S3E4: Software Product Management and Building a Startup with Sam Gimbel

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In today’s episode of the Learn to Code With Me podcast, I talk with Sam Gimbel, the co-founder and head of product at Clark – an app that helps tutors manage their businesses.

Sam started out by studying neuroscience. When economic uncertainty hit the medical field, he took a break from studying to travel. He realized his skills were better suited to tech, so he sought out jobs in the industry. He then became a product manager and later the co-founder of his own businesses.

In our conversation, Sam defines what it means to be a product manager and he shares his tips for anyone interested in becoming one. He explains how he got into product management, and the role that courses played in that journey. Overall, Sam reminds us of the importance of giving back and demonstrates how we can use tech skills and entrepreneurship to do that.

Key takeaways:

  • There’s no single definition of product management; each company has a different take on what it entails.
  • At its core, product management means being responsible for every feature of a product. It can involve de-risking ideas, market analysis, product design, and user experience design.
  • Product management is a synthesis of skills. It’s more about understanding where the developer mindset and the designer mindset meet than knowing development or design inside out.
  • Product managers are often people with lots of interests.
  • Teaching can be a great way to solidify your understanding of a topic.
  • To be a good product manager, you need to think about your product as if you are its CEO. You need to take complete ownership for everything that happens to it.
  • It takes longer to become proficient in product management than it does to become proficient in other disciplines.

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