S2E10: Librarian to Web Developer with Lisa Smith

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In today's episode of the Learn to Code With Me podcast, I talk with Lisa Smith. Lisa is a former librarian who taught herself how to code. She currently works as a frontend web developer for New Media Campaigns and also teaches for Girl Develop It.

Lisa's path from catalog librarian to web developer began in the late nineties. Her interest in emerging technologies prompted her transition to her first tech job. Her willingness to continue learning opened many doors and brought her to where she is today.

In our conversation, Lisa highlights how important new skills are in the world of tech. Beginner and veteran coders alike will be more successful if they never stop learning. She also talks about how to handle being the only girl in the room when working in tech. Lisa's story of progress shows that anyone can achieve goals by working hard and speaking up.

Key takeaways:

  • Teaching others is a great way to reinforce your current knowledge. Helping someone else solve a problem can give you greater insight.
  • You don't have to know everything to help others learn to code. You only need to be one lesson ahead of whoever you're teaching.
  • Many people learn best when there is a practical application for the lesson. Reach out to people who need help and find ways to use your skills in real world situations.
  • It helps to have a destination in mind when you're trying to learn something new. You will have a better dedication to the code if there are clear expectations about the project.
  • Treat your interactions as if you have a client who is expecting something from you. It will help you work to a higher standard.
  • Coding can be a respite from difficult situations. Focus on the work. Take comfort in the fact that the code is under your control.
  • Always be willing to learn. Everything you learn from a previous job will help move you forward. Never stop learning and you will always be employed.

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