S2E3: Learning to Code at a Young Age with Avi Flombaum

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In today's episode of the Learn to Code With Me podcast, I talk with Avi Flombaum. Avi is the co-founder and dean of the Flatiron School, an in-person and online vocational school for people who want to become developers. His path from self-taught coder to college student to startup founder is one we can all learn from.

Avi began learning how to code as an elementary school student. He followed his passion by learning all he could from books and other tech savvy friends. He designed his first website in the 8th grade and continued to code through high school and college. Avi talks about leaving college to pursue a full-time career and how that journey led to the Flatiron School.

Avi discusses the importance of staying motivated and focusing on the present instead of worrying about the future. He also talks about eliminating distractions and not getting caught up in doing too much at once. Ultimately, Avi believes people should create new opportunities and work hard to achieve the goals they set.

Key takeaways:

  • Desperation is a tough motivator. It can be difficult and scary, but being desperate to succeed can keep you motivated.
  • If you want to drop out of college before you have an opportunity, it is your job to create an opportunity worth dropping out for.
  • The path less traveled is rarely taken because it is hard.  It is difficult, it takes focus, and it doesn't pay off immediately.
  • You need more than coding skills to start your own business. Don’t underestimate the business, marketing, and sales aspect of a successful startup.
  • Teaching yourself how to code is also about learning a whole new way to think and work and be disciplined about your career.
  • There are a lot of distractions on the path to learning how to code. There’s always going to be a new, shiny thing trying to distract you. Stay focused on your goal to make progress.
  • Don’t worry about everything that could go wrong in the future. Have a singular focus: how do you learn and how does code work? Just get good at coding and the rest will fall into place.
  • Understand that your life is of your own design and everything is within your own control. If it's not working out the way you want it to be, there's only one person to blame and it's you.
  • Don't let insecurities slow you down and demotivate you to the point where you start questioning if you want this. Don't give yourself excuses for why you're not doing the work.

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