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S4E18: An Introduction to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency With Chris Castiglione

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Chris Castiglione is the co-founder and CEO of One Month, a professor at Columbia University Business School, and a bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiast.

The classes Chris teaches focus on coding, digital literacy, and cryptocurrency. He also hosts a podcast and has written for several online publications, and is passionate about using education to inspire positive change in the world.

During his twenties, before founding One Month, Chris traveled the world working as a digital nomad, building websites and doing consulting. This is one of the things you'll hear him talk about in the episode!

When bitcoin and cryptocurrency caught his attention, he got excited about its potential. Now, he's teaching a course on it. Listen to the episode to hear Chris explain what crypto is, how he sees its future, what his course covers, and how to get involved.

Key takeaways:

  • The premise of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general is that it functions as a global currency that allows individuals to truly own and control their money without the third party of a bank.
  • There's a lot of growth and excitement in the cryptocurrency world right now–now is a great time to get into it, because there's a lot of room to find a niche and get a job.
  • If you want to get involved, start by getting educated and finding a community. The meetup and education space is massive, with many passionate people wanting to contribute and even more wanting to learn.
  • Although right now it's all referred to as “cryptocurrency,” there’s a distinction between cryptocurrency and crypto assets, tokens, etc. Cryptocurrency are the types of currencies that are competing with actual currency. Then there are a whole range of coins that have other functions, and these are tokens or crypto assets.
  • It's still a new and volatile space. However, even if all the jobs in this sector go away tomorrow, the important thing is the underlying technology: blockchain. This idea is so powerful.

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