S4E15: How to Teach Yourself Data Science With David Venturi

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David Venturi is a former chemical engineer who began pursuing a tech career in 2015 and found a passion in data.

Recently, David used online resources to create a personalized data science master's program, to help others learn data analysis in a well-structured way.

The program encompasses courses from top institutions including Harvard, MIT, and Stanford, and focuses on topics like machine learning, software engineering, and back-end development.

David also works at Udacity, where he creates and teaches his own courses on data analysis.

Today, we discuss the importance of going for your passions, how he came up with the idea of building a personalized master's program, how to teach yourself data science, and how to stay positive and disciplined while teaching yourself tech skills.

Key takeaways:

  • When you're self-teaching with online resources, it's easy to get discouraged. Be intentional about staying positive while learning how to code. Celebrate wins when you get them, even small things like publishing a blog post.
  • To stay on track, quantify and categorize your work with a time tracker like Toggl. Don't just guess how much time you're putting in.
  • Doing programs like nanodegrees can give you a greater amount of structure than just doing individual courses, a better sense of satisfaction when you complete them, and something to put on your resume/LinkedIn.
  • Start a blog, show your knowledge, and get seen. When you're switching careers, it serves as a history of your expertise.

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