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5 Ways to Get Your First Web Design Client

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What are two things basically every person in the world wants more of?

Money and flexibility.

It’s painfully obvious. But not until peering over my recent survey results (which you can still take, by the way) did it become loud and clear. Everyone wants these two things.

Well, I am happy to say that I am listening.

And as a result have a guest post by Ray DelVecchio on getting your first client as a web designer / developer.

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SEO and Why You Should Learn It (Even as a Developer)

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Over the past several years SEO has turned into a major buzzword. But as a web developer or designer, why bother learning it? That’s for the marketing team to handle, anyways … right?

Think again. Because knowing SEO best practices can have multiple benefits. For instance, being able to drive more traffic to your own site, whether a blog or portfolio. Or, in the eyes of clients and hiring managers, it could make you more employable.

To talk more about the basics of SEO and how it works,

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Inside the Developer’s Tool Kit: How to Speed Up Your Workflow

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The following is a guest post by Matt Trask, a PHP developer based outside Atlanta. In this article he talks about tools he uses to make his workflow more efficient: notably frameworks, CMSs and Text Editors / IDEs. Enjoy!

So you want to develop websites? Congratulations! It’s an amazing journey that will have its ups and downs, but you are in great company.

Web developers as a whole are some of the nicest folks you will ever meet.

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Get Coding Help Instantly Online With Codementor

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In today’s world businesses that offer one-on-one assistance are growing. We want services that are fast, efficient and still have a personal touch. This trend can be seen in a range of industries and, naturally, it has spread to the programming space with platforms like Codementor.

What is Codementor?

Codementor is an online service that offers one-on-one help with expert programmers. Topics you can receive help with range from HTML to C# to SQL.

Instead of having a set price,

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5 Amazing (and Free) Blogging Tools That Make Life Easier

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Are you a regular blogger? If yes, then you know how much work goes on behind the scenes.

I’ve never spoken much about the effort that goes into creating content and maintaining Learn to Code With Me (LTCWM). From staying organized to marketing the material – it’s a lot!

While blogging can be tough, fortunately there are tools to help. Whether you’re a current blogger or an aspiring one, the following list highlights five tools that help me run this very site day in and out. 

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