Get Started With Arduino: An Affordable Microcontroller

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Arduino allows anyone – whether a seasoned programmer, artist or hobbyist – to experiment and play with electronics.

What is Arduino?

According to the internet, Arduino is defined as a “single-board microcontroller, intended to make the application of interactive objects or environments more accessible.”

Let’s turn to a friend of mine, Brian Feldman, to share some insights on Arduino learning. (Brian teaches Arduino courses to community college students.)

“The Arduino platform is incredibly powerful and is enabling people and businesses to prototype, sense, monitor, and control things much more quickly and easily than in the past … It’s great because as a beginner you can be up and running with simple sketches in 10 minutes, but it’s powerful enough for very advanced projects as your skills grow. There’s a large and growing community providing a lot of support to help you learn.”

Why is Arduino Important / Who Should Use It?

Arduino is perfect for the DIY’er. These mini computers give you the power to make your own clock, set up an at home security system with video cameras, create a home entertainment system by syncing all your devices and so on.

Arduino allows you to get hands on.

Recommended Arduino Learning Resources for Beginners

As far as resources go, Brian recommends looking into:

Image courtesy of Flickr, uploaded by Matt Mets.

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