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What Kind of Computer Should I Buy: Mac or PC?


What type of computer do you use? PC or Mac? Which one is more tech-friendly, or does it not matter?”


Hey Lorina,

Thanks for the question!

The great debate: Mac versus PC.

As over said as it is, it really depends on your end goals and budget.

But in general, Macs:

  • are better for designers
  • break less
  • are more expensive
  • last longer

And PCs are:

  • more affordable
  • easier to fix if they break
  • better for gaming
  • have parts that are easier for cross-use among other PCs

If you’re a basic user, simply checking emails and browsing the web, there is no reason why you would need an expensive laptop. (Mac or PC—because some PCs are the same price as Macs.)

However, if you’re into design and a better screen resolution, consider a Mac or a more high quality Windows.

Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing a computer is the the software you’ll be needing to use—because not everything is compatible with Macs and PCs. 

One example I can think of is Screenflow. Screenflow is a video recording/editing program (great for screencasts). And it is only available on Macs. 

Another important thing to consider is the developer environment. (This only matters if you plan on building applications, where you’ll need to use things like the command line.)

Macs and Windows have different developer environments. The one that is more common is Macs, which is called Unix. This is more industry standard. (Well, depending on your purposes…) Nonetheless, it is possible to setup an industry standard environment on Windows machines. It just may take some more fiddling around/experimentation to find a method that works for you. (Unlike with Mac machines, which come with Unix ready to go.)

At the end of the day, it really depends on you and your goals. 

However, I personally use a MacBook Pro (13”) with Retina display.

Want to learn more about Macs versus Windows? Click here to learn more about the differences and which you should buy.

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