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What are the Highest Paying Jobs in IT/Computer Science?


“Which is/are the highest paid jobs in the IT sector?”


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Of course, this is always changing. But here is a quick list of some of the highest paying jobs in IT / CS — basically, tech in general. (And at the end, I have some other resources you can look to.)

9 High Paying Jobs in Tech:

  1. UX Designer
    Average base salary: $96,855
  1. Computer Hardware Engineer
    Average base salary: $101,154
  1. QA Manager
    Average base salary: $101,330
  1. Security Engineer
    Average base salary: $102,749
  1. DevOps
    Average base Salary: $107,000
  1. IT Manager
    Average base salary: $115,725
  1. Solutions Architect
    Average base salary: $121,522
  1. Software Development Manager
    Average base salary: $123,747
  1. Software Architect
    Average base salary: $130,891

Overall, tech/IT jobs tend to pay more than other industries—especially given the fact that little schooling is needed. Versus, say, becoming a doctor. Are doctors paid more? Usually. But a lot more education and training is involved in becoming a doctor!

With most of the jobs above, all you need is a bachelor’s degree…or less.

For more information on this topic, look here:

  1. The 7 Fastest-Growing Tech Jobs of The Future
  2. 10 Of The Top Paying Tech Careers Right Now
  3. PayScale – a website dedicated to salary information
  4. Glassdoor – a site filled with company reviews, salary information, and more
  5. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics – a site managed by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is filled with job information like average pay, unemployment rates, job growth rates, and more

I hope this helps!

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