The best way to reach me is via email. Looking for press? Go to the bottom.

  • If you are learning to code and just want to say “hi”, awesome! (
  • If you’re interested in writing an article for the site, look to the article submissions page first, and then email me ( your ideas.
  • If you’d like to advertise or sponsor content on the site OR podcast, email me at with (1) what you’d like to tell my audience about and (2) how you think your product/program could benefit them.
  • If you’d like to hire me for a web or writing-related project, check out my LinkedIn and all the places I have written and been featured on here.

Special note to PR companies, in-house marketing employees, founders — ANYONE looking for press or a mention…

  • If I do not respond to your email within 5-10 business days, I am not interested. Please do not follow-up repeatedly.
  • If your product/service/client/coding bootcamp/website does not relate to career development, online education, or technology in some way – it is most likely not a good fit.
  • Please be a human. (I don’t like traditional press releases and I roll my eyes into another dimension whenever I see one.)
  • Great relationships are never built on deception. Please don’t mislead me into a pitch. 


Laurence BradfordLaurence Bradford
Creator of Learn to Code With Me, Forbes Contributor, EdTech Consultant