Here’s Your LinkedIn Profile Checklist!


Hey! It’s Laurence Bradford, and I hope you’re ready to dominate LinkedIn with this free profile checklist.

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This 7-page checklist covers all the key components you need on your LinkedIn profile PLUS headline and summary writing tips, data-backed LinkedIn strategies, and more.

With this checklist, you can create complete LinkedIn profile.

However, DOMINATING LinkedIn and getting hit up by recruiters and hiring managers is a bit more complicated than just having a LinkedIn presence.

These days a filled-out profile is considered the bare minimum. A profile that really shines? That’s a bit harder.

Writing about yourself in the summary section is tricky. So is “framing” your experience in a way that makes you look qualified for the jobs you want. And then figuring out how to feature freelance experience and “side projects” in a way that impresses… that’s not easy, either.

The good news?

I’ve done some research for you about what makes a stellar LinkedIn profile.

I discovered the best ways to format your profile, how to “brand yourself” in a way that attracts the right attention, how to use LinkedIn for networking, etc.

Best of all, I spoke to people who actually hire web developers, software engineers and other tech roles using LinkedIn.

And I’m ready to share this information (plus the expert insights) so you can strategize your way to new web developer and designer opportunities.

It’s yours: LinkedIn advice and expert insights—made just for aspiring techies

I’ve spent hundreds of hours collecting research as well as talking to LinkedIn experts, career coaches, technical recruiters and hiring managers who use LinkedIn. Now, you can glean insights from them plus much more in this ultimate “Crash Course” for new techies. Click the button below to get your hands on it.

I’m ready to dominate LinkedIn!