Learn to Code With Me Community Guidelines

Hello there! I’m so happy that you’re inside our Facebook community or looking to join 😀

My name is Laurence Bradford. I first created the group years ago and cannot believe how much it has grown since. It’s so cool to see so many folks coming together.

However, we all know that sometimes it takes just one person to ruin a good thing… And that’s why we need to set some ground rules!

By being a part of the Learn to Code With Me Community (formerly Newbie Coder Warehouse), you are agreeing to the following:

1. Being a nice person

Constructive feedback is fine.

But saying something with the intention of being mean, or to hurt someone’s feelings, is not cool. Do not share links, images, comments, etc. that could offend people.

This is a group designed to support one another in the learning to code journey. Please be respectful at all times!

2. Not being combative

There are plenty of online groups and forums where you can go to pick fights and argue with other people online. This group is not one of them. 

3. Not using profanity

As a general rule: if it’s not allowed on cable TV, it shouldn’t be said here, either.

4. No shameless self-promotion

Sharing a helpful article you wrote or video you created is fine. (Within reason…please do not repeatedly share your content in a spammy manner!)

Promoting your own products or services is not.*

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Offering “consultations” or “coaching”
  • Your eBook
  • Your membership site
  • And related

5. No direct affiliate links

If you don’t know what an affiliate link is, don’t worry. You won’t run the risk of doing this.

If you know what affiliate links are, do not directly link to products using your own tracking code. This is not the place for trying to make some extra money. **

6. Sharing relevant information only

Example: no articles on Kim Kardashian, plz. Unless she’s coding.***

Relevancy is key.

7. No Plagiarism

Copying and pasting a quote or short paragraph is okay. Do not copy and past large quantities of text—especially from another online publication, Stackoverflow, Reddit, or otherwise.

Please just share the link if you find the information useful.


Note: At all times me (Laurence Bradford) and other Facebook group admins reserve the right to delete posts, pictures, videos, comments, and ban members from the group entirely.

In the end: be nice, be helpful, don’t post for the sole purpose of promoting yourself/services/product, and we’ll all have a good time.



* Exception being if a person asks about a product/service, you have said product/service, and you link to it in the comment thread. The key thing here is a person is asking about it. 

** If you share an article/resource that has affiliate links, that is fine. I use affiliate links on my own site: I get it. But please make sure the article/resource is high-quality and relevant to the group. 

*** Please share if Kim K is coding.